Patients Look to Chiropractic As Meningitis Outbreak SpreadsHow will the new healthcare law affect chiropractic? Will it expand coverage of chiropractic services or cause more headaches for patients seeking alternative care?

Answers to those questions depend largely on where you live. In an article from The Washington Post, health-policy writer Sarah Kliff describes how individual states have the power to decide what constitutes “essential care.” As a result, she writes,

“When all Americans are required to purchase health insurance in 2014 or pay a penalty, they will find that the plans reflect the social and political priorities of wherever they live.”

For instance, while Michigan legislators would cover chiropractic and California officials would include acupuncture, Oregon regulators would not include either in their definition of essential care.

A recent interview from health-policy experts at the American Chiropractic Association outlines specifically how the Affordable Care Act will affect the chiropractic profession.

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