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Michael Macintosh

Michael is ChiroHosting's web designer and website content manager. He is your Customer Support Agent and has more than likely designed your web pages. Contact Michael for all of your website needs.

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Inspiring and Best Practices for Your About Us and Meet the Team Pages

For your chiropractic website and, for anyone else who has a professional website, it is extremely important to add an "About Us" page, says Digital Agency Network. Normally after arriving on your homepage website, visitors look for this page to...

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Best & Most Useful Video Practices for Your Chiropractic Website

Video production can be a fantastic marketing tool for your chiropractic website audience. With simple editing tools such as iMovie, Adobe Rush or FilmoraGo, there are a majority of online users who prefer watching a 1 to 2 minute video about you...

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7 Basics for Creating Great Content on Your Chiropractic Website

Golden content delivers life and reinforces your brand on your website. These tips will help create materials that attract your readers and build a solid community.

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7 Best Practices for Chiropractic Website Copywriting

How do we view content on the internet? We don't read it...we surf it. We quickly scan through the copy looking for keywords that pertain particularly to what's most important to us. In fact, studies report that we only read about 28% of the words

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