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Roderick Campbell

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Interview with Dr. Michael Dorausch

Last week I had the honor of interviewing Doctor Michael Dorausch, one of the most prominent chiropractors on the internet and the voice behind @Chiropractic on Twitter. I've been following his tweets for a little over a year now and I'm...

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Internet Marketing. Too Late?

Print advertising is dying, phonebooks are dead, and nobody cares about local cable television or billboard ads. The internet is now our primary means of communication and it's evolving on a daily basis.

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Word of Mouth VS Broadcast Marketing

This article is dedicated to the many doctors I've spoken with who struggle with their marketing. This is an attempt to help shed light on the most often missed, and arguably most important, aspect of any marketing campaign -- the "Evangelists"....

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Is Your Clinic Boring?

I've been having headaches and neck pain for the last week, so I decided to take the morning off to get an adjustment/massage at one of the local chiropractic clinics. The doctor and his staff were friendly and professional. The office was clean...

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