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How to Reduce Your Chiropractic Website's Bounce Rate

Ok wonderful, you've taken our advice and have installed Google Analytics on your website! There aren't any more questions of, "I wonder how my website is performing? Is anyone clicking on it?" No, you can now view reports and stats and be all...

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❄️ Update Your Holiday Hours—Download the Google My Business App 📱

The holidays are upon us. Tis the season of family, food, gift-giving, and cheer. Also shopping and stress. If we're lucky, maybe even a vacation!

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Reasons Why You Should Be Using Google Analytics

Google Analytics is the most popular & useful analytics service offered by Google. This web analytics tool allows you to get an in-depth view into your website. Having a great website is the first step, but it is also crucial that you know the...

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What Is Google BERT & Will It Affect Your Chiropractic Website?

Google has recently announced a new update called BERT which will handle search queries - they are trying to understand searchers better than ever! Let's see what Google Bert means for your chiropractic local business & if there is any action to...

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