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Maximize Your Chiropractic Google My Business Listing

Google My Business is the most powerful, useful (and free) tool that has been created for us to manage our businesses and online presence. We're able to display our basic details: Name, Address, Phone, Hours and Website link, but today let's...

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How to Create an Inspiring 'About Us' Page

Are you paying enough attention to the content on your website? In an earlier blog, we spoke about how to create an awesome Services page. Now we move on to the About Us page.

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Citation Management: When You Need It (And When You Don't)

Citations. There's no escaping them. In a best case scenario these directory listings help patients find your services. In less ideal cases, they expose every change that's occurred in your chiropractic practice over the years.

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Google's Local Algorithm & Optimizing Your Google Map Listing

Of the search engines that exist, Google gets more traffic than any other website. When you go to to search for something, Google's Algorithm works by searching all website pages that contain the keywords you just plugged into the...

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