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Chiropractic Marketing and Twitter

Twitter is the ninth largest social media network with 72 million users in the US, so many chiropractors ask us if it's something they need to include in their chiropractic marketing.

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Optimizing Your Site's PageSpeed

There are a lot of moving parts in a successful chiropractic website, but one of the key factors in PageSpeed, or how fast your site loads for patients.

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How do I improve my Google search ranking?

Let's face it: if you're building a website for your chiropractic office, you're probably not doing it for fun. You're building a site because you want to get new patients. People in your city need to first find your website and then your website...

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6 Ways to Build Backlinks for Your Chiropractic Website

There are many factors that play a role in how your chiropractic website is ranked by Google. While the exact formula is proprietary, we do know that there are certain things that can help boost your placement in the search results. One of these...

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