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❄️ Update Your Holiday Hours—Download the Google My Business App 📱

The holidays are upon us. Tis the season of family, food, gift-giving, and cheer. Also shopping and stress. If we're lucky, maybe even a vacation!

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Google's Local Algorithm & Optimizing Your Google Map Listing

Of the search engines that exist, Google gets more traffic than any other website. When you go to to search for something, Google's Algorithm works by searching all website pages that contain the keywords you just plugged into the...

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Google My Business Insights, An Introduction

You've probably heard by now that Google My Business (GMB) controls how your practice appears online, both on Google Search and on Google Maps. You can log in to respond to Google Reviews, set your Holiday Hours, along with a number of other rich...

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3 Ways Local Chiropractors Need to Strategize Search Rankings

As a local chiropractor with a brick-and-mortar location, there are multiple reasons that your strategy for search engine optimization (SEO) needs to be different than other businesses online. There is a seemingly endless amount of information...

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