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Chiropractic Marketing Success with Organic Search

There are many different pieces of a successful chiropractic marketing strategy. In this post, we’re going to discuss one factor that’s often overlooked, because success in this area takes time and effort. This factor is organic search ranking.

Building a good organic search profile for your practice is actually pretty simple: it means creating original content for your site that targets specific keywords.

Most chiropractic marketing focuses on ranking for the most important search term: Chiropractor in Your City, and that’s very important, of course, because that’s the most common search phrase used when people are searching for a chiropractor. But targeting other phrases is important, too, for two reasons:

  1. Patients may not be looking directly for a chiropractor. For example, if someone is looking for “auto injury treatment” in Your City, you want to be sure that your site ranks #1 for that search term. The same thing goes for back pain, sciatica, neck pain, etc.
  2. Google ranks sites better in the Local Places if they have more custom indexed site pages. We’ve done custom marketing analyses for hundreds of chiropractors, and our data shows that those websites that have more indexed site pages rank better in Google Local. Here are some examples:

Here is our report for Dr. Jim Sweeney of Nashville, a ChiroHosting client:

Sweeney Chiropractic Marketing Analysis

As you can see from this marketing analysis, Dr. Sweeney is doing a great job with his ranking in Nashville, but he’s doing particularly well for his target of auto injury patients.

From the work we’ve done on his site of creating custom auto injury content, this practice is dominating the search results for these keywords in both Google Places and organic search. In addition, this original content also helps his search ranking for “Nashville Chiropractor.”

An Effective Marketing Solution

Creating content yourself is time-consuming and a task that many doctors aren’t interested in doing. Our complete Chiropractic Marketing Solutions are an affordable way to get this work done with the hassle of doing it yourself.

If you’re interested in boosting your online presence, you can get your own Free Chiropractic Marketing Analysis here or give us a call at (800) 295-3346 and we’ll be happy to discuss your practice needs and show you how we can help.

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10 Chiropractic Blog Post Ideas

Blogging on your chiropractic website is the perfect way to add keyword-optimized text to your site that will help your search ranking. A good ChiroScore Marketing Ranking includes a healthy amount of original content.

If you’re having a little writer’s block about what to talk about on your chiropractic blog, here’s 10 ideas to get your creative juices flowing from our Content Director, Marissa Luck.

  1. Weekly Wellness Tips/ Weekly Health Tips: Every week, choose a simple step patients can take to prevent pain or improve their overall health, and explain why it helps.
  2. “How to __ .”People are always searching for how to do things on the Internet. Try these ideas: “How to kick your reliance on pain medication”, “How to relieve headaches naturally”, “How to explain chiropractic in an elevator.”
  3. Patients Frequently Asked Questions: Highlight ONE question or topic per a post. Is there something that patients always seem to ask? How do you respond?
  4. Your commentary on health news: Regularly follow health news and write your commentary from a chiropractic perspective. Check the health section of in your local newspaper and national/international news sites. Or try visiting health news sites like Dynamic Chiropractic, Medscape, Medpage Today, Health News, and Medical News Today. Don’t copy and paste sentences or paragraphs though because Google will see that as duplicate content and penalize your site’s search-ranking.
  5. Summarize findings from a recent scientific study. Highlight the findings first, then include a little about the researchers’ methodology followed by your commentary. Remember to not be overly technical; this writing is for your patients who might not be aware of all the terminology. To find a scientific article, search Google Scholar or Pubmed, or make alerts for a specific topics like “back pain” on Google Scholar and Google News. Sometimes websites like Medpage Today or WebMd will include links to their original sources as well.
  6. “Take home” message of the week. Describe a positive interaction or experience you had with a patient this week. Did one of your patients have a big break through moment? Or perhaps they asked you a question or said something that made you think. Why is it important for other people to know this? What can people learn from this question or experience?
  7. Weekly stretch or exercise. Describe a strength-training exercise or stretch, include pictures or a video if possible. Talk about why it’s beneficial.
  8. “Ask the Doctor” Emails: Include your response to a question a patient emailed you. Or you can tell readers that if they send you a question in an email, you’ll post the answer to your blog (without including their name or identifying characteristics of course).
  9. Demystifying chiropractic. Choose a common or foundational chiropractic term or concept, and explain it an approachable way. Explain why patients should care.
  10. Major events and holidays: Write posts inspired by major events and holidays that relate to wellness or chiropractic. When it’s around Veterans’ Day you can write about an experience you’ve had treating a veteran, and link to ChiroHosting’s video on chiropractic for veterans. Or when it’s the start of football season, talk about how athletes can prevent sports injuries and concussions. Around the holidays, write a holiday office update or make a holiday letter video.

To see where your chiropractic website is currently ranked, get a Free Chiropractic Marketing Analysis here.

If you need some help with blogging, our Chiropractic Marketing Services provide original blog posts for you as well as other services that help you improve your exposure.

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Chiropractic Backlink-Building Strategies

When building your chiropractic website’s search ranking there are a few “simple” factors that need to be addressed for success:

  • Content. Your site needs to have original content that tells Google what your website is about (i.e., this website is about a chiropractor in a particular city).
  • Citations. You need to be listed in quality business directories that you are, indeed, a chiropractor in a particular city.
  • Google Local Business. Google runs the show, so you better have a good, verified Google+ page for your business if you want to appear in the local search results.
  • Backlinks. The more quality sites you have that link to your website, the better your ranking.

Now, the first three parts are relatively simple. You have to create content (or have us do it for you), you have to register you business in hundreds of business directories, and you need to setup your Google+ page. That’s all manageable for most doctors. The problem arises with the last one: backlinks.

Getting Backlinks to Your Chiropractic Website

Some companies talk about “building backlinks” for you to boost your ranking, but you have to be careful and make sure that any firms are doing that ethically and according to Google’s guidelines. Too often, these companies are doing one of the following:

  • Paying someone for spammy backlinks
  • Adding backlinks to your site as blog comments
  • Adding backlinks to their own network of blogs

While these three techniques might garner you an increase in backlinks, they’re going to hurt your search ranking, as they all violate Google’s terms and conditions. If Google sees that your website suddenly has hundreds of backlinks appearing, it’s going to become very skeptical and might decide to completely trash your search ranking. We’ve seen it happen. Clients will call us up and ask us why they’re now at position #75 in the search rankings. When we do some digging, we find out they paid someone to do some “SEO” and the company simply tossed a few thousand spammy backlinks up. (For more about what happens when you do this, read our post on How to Destroy Your Chiropractic Website’s Search Ranking.)

In short: Google is smart. Don’t try to trick it with easy backlink strategies, because you will most likely get caught.

Building Organic Backlinks

So, if backlinks are important to build your site ranking and you can’t cheat, what are you supposed to do? The answer is to think about it as link earning rather than link building.

That means creating content on your site that people will naturally and organically want to link to; content that is something that people like to share and resonates with others. What we do for our marketing clients is create content that other chiropractors find useful and then link to from their websites or blogs.

Let me show you an example of what we did for one of our clients just a few weeks ago. Dr. Ernst needed some more backlinks for his site, so we created this post for him:

9 Reasons Why You Need to See a Chiropractor

We wrote the post and keyword optimized it, then shared it via our social media channels and by email. The whole process took us a few days of work, but it was worth it.

First, we saw a huge increase in traffic from the article:

chiropractic backlink building

While normally, Dr. Ernst sees about 30-40 visits a day, the traffic on the day we posted the article jumped to 70 on the 20th, 493 on the 21st, 164 on the 22nd, and 93 on the 23rd. On Facebook, we reached 909 people with the posting, and 288 (so far have shared the article on their own Facebook feeds.

Looking at the important backlink data takes some time to register in our tracking tools, but the initial data shows that we’ve received at least 10 new links from the posting. Since new backlinks don’t show up for some time in the tracking, we’re confident that we’ll see more over the next few months. Often, these posts get shared for a long time as new doctors discover them.

Increased Traffic + Increased Shares = Increased Ranking

Here’s an important piece of information: when Google sees a ton of traffic going to a website, it pays attention. Increased traffic to a site means that something exciting is happening, and Google assumes that it’s important. Here’s what happened to Dr. Ernst’s ranking when we did the viral post:

Chiropractic search ranking boost


We posted the article on the 20th and began sharing it. Almost immediately, there was a jump in his search ranking for one of his primary search terms!

Want This for Your Practice?

Doing this kind of work takes time and expertise and that’s what we do at ChiroHosting. If you would like the same kind of work done for your chiropractic website, give us a call at (800) 295-3346 or see some of our success stories here.


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Fast Google Rankings Improvement

Many of our marketing clients come to us after trying another “SEO expert” to help them with their online presence. (Dr. Dahlager did that, and wasn’t getting results until he became a client with us.) Another problem we find is those doctors who think they can do it themselves and then find that their site isn’t ranking in Google and they don’t know what to do.

Dr. Hancock of Wichita is a new client who just started with our Expert Plan last month. He had a site built on WordPress that he was happy with, but he couldn’t seem to get any improvement in his site ranking. He was stuck below #50 for most search terms, which meant that he was practically invisible to potential patients in Wichita.

The first thing we did with Dr. Hancock’s site was get him off of WordPress. WordPress can be OK, but there are so many possible things that can go wrong with it that it’s simply too difficult to diagnose problems when the crop up. We put Dr. Hancock on our N8 Site Builder, which has built-in SEO tools that make optimization easy.

We were blown away by the improvement. We put the doctor on our site system on September 24th, and we saw an immediate jump in rankings for important keywords he was trying to reach:

Chiropractic seo boost


Dr. Hancock wasn’t ranking at all for “Wichita back pain,” but he immediately jumped in the rankings after the move. We saw the same results for other important keywords, as well.

Now, of course, we’re not finished with this project, because #14 for a search term is still too low. We have a lot more work to do for Dr. Hancock over the next few months. But what this shows is that you don’t have to give up hope: just because your site has poor ranking doesn’t mean that it’s not solvable. It just takes hard work.

Where is Your Chiropractic Site in Google?

If your site isn’t at the top of the search results, you’re losing patients. Check your ranking today. Go to Google and type in your city name and “chiropractor.” Do you see your site at the top of the listings?

Would you like to see it higher?

If you would, give us a call or check out our different tiers of service. If you would like a detailed analysis of your current search ranking, please contact us here with your domain name.

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A Chiropractic Success Story

If you’re like most chiropractors, you’re probably inundated with people claiming to be “SEO experts” or marketing gurus who can cure all of your online marketing woes. It’s easy for people to make claims; solid proof, though, is often lacking.

We’re proud of the marketing work we do for our chiropractic clients, and we back it up with results.

Dr. Brad Dahlager of Noblesville, Indiana came to us a year ago (October 2013), and he desperately needed help with his clinic marketing. We recently asked him to share his success story with other chiropractors and tell them how ChiroHosting has been able to help him. Here’s what he had to say:


Dr. Brad Dahlager“My disappointing past experiences with other web hosting and SEO companies and not knowing if ChiroHosting would be able to do any better than the other guys, especially at the costs involved with ChiroHosting. I felt if they could do great work, then the cost would be bearable, but if they didn’t I was just throwing more money away and I was reluctant to even start with ChiroHosting over that.

“I found that the guys at ChiroHosting took their work, and the promotion of my clinic on the internet, very seriously. I also found that, with a lot of effort on both of our parts, we got great results quickly. When I started with ChiroHosting, in a new clinic in a new city in a new state, I was number 45 organically on Google. About three months later I was number 1 for many important search words and literally burning up the internet. Six months in I dominated the local internet market and I continue to do so, thanks in large part to the constant efforts of the ChiroHosting team.

“I like the exclusivity that ChiroHosting offers. They won’t work with another like service in the same market. I also like their depth of knowledge about how to promote a business using Google analytics. They know how to push Google’s buttons (in a good way) and how to feed Google what it wants to keep her happy and constantly recognizing my website. I also like the ease of communication that ChiroHosting offers. When I have ideas about how to promote my business on the web or when I see a problem that needs to be resolved I only need to send a quick e-mail to support which automatically generates a ticket that someone at ChiroHosting will quickly respond to.

“I’d recommend this service for all of the reasons that I’ve listed above but most of all, because it works. I can’t speak against all other SEO companies and I’m sure that there are others out there that also work but I can say with confidence that the team at ChiroHosting is honest and ethical and hardworking and that they will get the job done. My rocketing through the ranks from #45 to #1 in just 3 months is proof of that. I never tell a patient that I’m confident that I can help them unless I know that I can and I believe that ChiroHosting operates the same way. You can trust them to promote your clinic well.

“Just another word of thanks to Mike Melton and the rest of the team at ChiroHosting. You guys are great!”

– Dr. Brad Dahlager

Do you need more new patients from your chiropractic website? We might be able to help. Give us a call at (800) 295-3346 or use our contact form here to get more information about the work we do.


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More Website Traffic = More New Patients

The whole point of having a chiropractic website for your clinic is to get new patients, but many sites don’t do that job well. One of the biggest problems we see with many sites is that they have poor placement in the search rankings and the coveted Google Local search display. If your site isn’t in the Google Local listings or is on page three of the search results, it’s going to be tough for patients to find you and you’re not going to get many phone calls from your website.

One of our success stories is Dr. Barry Hitchock of Athens, Georgia. He called us up about six months ago, needing help with his marketing. His site was very low in the Google Local results and he wasn’t getting any calls.

We started a program for him that:

  • Added original articles and blog posts to his site
  • Added custom directory citations to build his Local Search credibility
  • Shared his content on the major social media platforms
  • Created a viral post for him that drove traffic and garnered backlinks to his site

The custom program we’ve put together is already working, as we can see from the site traffic to Dr. Hitchcock’s site:

Chiropractic patient marketing

In May when we started the program, Dr. Hitchcock’s site only had 60 visitors; in September, we’re up to 517. That’s 8 times the visitors!

In addition, his search ranking is steadily improving and he’s on the first page of Google search.

Improving your site’s ranking isn’t magic, but it does take hard work. If you would like more from your web presence, we’d be happy to provide a free consultation where we look at your current marketing efforts and create a plan for improvement. Just give Jeremiah a call at (800) 295-3346 or contact us here for more information.

You can also read more of our success stories here.

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Question of the Week: Why is My Google Rank Dropping?

This is a question we hear from doctors who have had a site up for many years: Why is the new chiropractor down the street beating me in the search rankings?

Google uses over 200 different “signals” to determine how to rank a site, and some of the most important factors are:

  1. Keeping your site fresh
  2. Keeping your site active
  3. Keeping your site modern

If you don’t spend much time improving your site, it’s eventually going to start losing search ranking as other competitors in your city are working diligently on their sites to knock you off the top placement.

At ChiroHosting, we work for you to do the work that it takes to build and maintain your ranking in Google. If you need some help with your Google ranking, give us a call or contact us here for more information.

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SEO Extortion Emails

There’s a new scam making its way around the web, and you need to make sure you’re not hit with this one.

People are getting emails that are demanding $1,500, or the extortionists will start a campaign of negative SEO:



Negative SEO is a technique where someone will point thousands of poor quality backlinks at your website, with the goal of hurting your search ranking. Google uses backlinks to your site when determining where to rank your chiropractic site in the search results. Poor quality or paid links can seriously damage your ranking.

We have not heard from any of our clients regarding this extortion scheme, but if you get one of these, here’s what you need to do:

First, don’t pay the extortionists! There are ways that you can remove the risk to your website from negative SEO.

Second, get an accurate, baseline backlink profile. We provide that for our SEO clients with VIP Chiropractic Marketing Service, and your marketing firm should be providing that for you on a regular basis. With a baseline profile, you’ll be able to see what current backlinks you have and detect new, spammy links when they appear.

Third, if you detect new, poor quality links, file a link disavowal notice through Google Webmaster Tools. This tells Google that you don’t want the link to be associated with your site.

Please let us know if you’ve received one of these emails. If you need some help with your chiropractic marketing strategy, give us a call or contact us here.

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Another Chiropractic Marketing Success Story

In March 2014, Dr. William Palmer of Depew, New York came to us looking for help. He had hired an “SEO expert” for help with his marketing, but was very disappointed in the results. They couldn’t explain what work they were doing and, worst of all, he saw no improvement in his site ranking or the number of new patients he was getting into his office.

Dr. Palmer’s goal was ambitious: he first wanted to dominate the search rankings for his city of Depew, which is a few miles to the east of Buffalo, NY. Once he managed that, he wanted to start targeting his marketing on surrounding cities.

We started him off with getting him on our new N8 Site Builder, because his site desperately needed a redesign and basic SEO functionality. We also got him set up with a chiropractic blog, as he didn’t have one with his previous website hosting company.

Increasing Chiropractic Traffic

When we did our initial site evaluation and analysis, we found that Dr. Palmer’s site was ranking very poorly organically. For his priority search terms, he was on page five or worse. That means that patients would have to click through to five pages of Google results to find Dr. Palmer. Most people don’t scroll past the first 1-3 results on the first page, so you can imagine how low his site traffic was before he started our program.

Here’s how Dr. Palmer’s traffic has grown since we started his marketing plan:

Chiropractic marketing growth

In March and April, he was seeing 150-201 unique site visits a month. It took us a while to get his site upgraded and start building content, but we had that going by the end of April, and we can see that there was an immediate traffic boost from our efforts.

Improving Google Local Business Results

Again, when people are looking for a chiropractor, they’re going to click on the first few results in Google. The increase in traffic above is directly linked to the improvement in search results we achieved for the doctor. Here’s a graph showing his Google maps positioning from March to July, 2014:

Chiropractic marketing results

Being at the top of the search results for “Depew Chiropractor” made a huge difference in his traffic and the number of new patients he was getting in each month.

How Did We Do It?

Our business philosophy is built on transparency and documentation. We tell you exactly what we’re going to do and then we document each step of the way to show you what we’ve done for you and when we did it. We then show you the results, so you can make sure that we’re working hard for you.

What we did for Dr. Palmer is the same that we’ve done for our other chiropractic clients:

  • Created a steady stream of original content that was keyword targeted to the kinds of patients Dr. Palmer wanted to see in his office.
  • Kept his social media services active with daily content.
  • Built citations and directory listings for the doctor to build credibility for his Google Local Business listing.
  • Sent out custom-designed viral content that was shared by over 110 people.

There is no secret to any of this, but there is a lot of work. If you have the time and knowledge, you can do this work yourself. But if you’re like Dr. Palmer, you’d rather spend your time helping patients than tracking down backlinks or writing dozens of articles every month.

We Can Help You, Too

You don’t have be stuck on page 5 of the search results. We can help.

The first step is to determine where you are now with your online marketing strategy. You can get your Free Chiropractic Marketing Analysis here, which will give us a good picture of how much work will be involved.

If you have questions about our service, please give Jeremiah a call today at (800) 295-3346.

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65 New Patients for July

Free Chiropractic marketing analysisWe began working with Dr. Jim Sweeney of Nashville in March, 2014. Dr. Sweeney was having difficult getting his site to the top of the search rankings and knew we had a great reputation in helping some of his colleagues.

His goal was to increase his organic search ranking and drive more traffic to his site.

As we can see from his recent Facebook post, he’s delighted with the work we’ve done for him:

Chiropractic marketing success

For Dr. Sweeney, we’ve put together a marketing strategy that focuses on the elements proven to drive traffic and boost search results:

  • Original article and blog writing (Google loves content and you have to keep Google happy!)
  • Citation building with the major directories (see our article on the importance of NAP and citations).
  • A viral post that gets people sharing his content and linking to his site. The post we created for him in July received 113 Facebook likes and resulted in over 700 page views to his site over two days.
  • Google+ optimization to make sure he’s targeting the correct keywords for his target patient.
  • Daily social media posting to help engage with people in Nashville.

Increasing Traffic = More New Patients

It’s a simple equation: if you get better placement in the search engines, more people are going to find your practice online, and (if you have a great website) you’ll get more new patients.

Here’s the graph of unique site visitors that Dr. Sweeney has gotten in Nashville since we’ve started running his marketing program:

Boosting chiropractic site traffic

From March to July, we’ve increased traffic to Dr. Sweeney’s site 125%, and that’s in just four months of work.

Building site ranking and converting visitors into new patients isn’t magic: it takes hard work. And that’s what we do for our clients. We use proven, real techniques that build your website’s credibility, get you closer and closer to #1 in the search rankings and Google Local Business, and get you new patients. Just like we did for Dr. Sweeney.

Need More from Your Chiropractic Site?

We’d love to help you like we did Dr. Sweeney. Give Jeremiah a call at (800) 295-3346 or use our handy contact form here to email us.

We will run a thorough analysis of your current chiropractic website and work with you to develop a plan that will get you results.


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