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Chiropractic Review Building

Chiropractic review builderChiropractic marketing has changed dramatically from when we built our first chiropractic website in 2000. Over the last few years, Google has directed most of their focus on Google Local Business or Google Maps search. Google’s philosophy is that when people are searching for a local business, they want to get hyper-local results. You can see that when you perform a search: the top results for “Chiropractor Your City” are going to be Local Business results, especially on mobile.

The goal is to get your chiropractic office to rank highly in Google Local Business so that new patients can find you easily. How do you do that?

While there are a number of factors that affect Google Local ranking, our research has found that one of the most powerful ranking factors is the number and quality of reviews that you patients have written about your practice.

Positive reviews of your chiropractic office benefit you in a number of ways:

  1. Google ranks businesses with high quality reviews higher than other businesses.
  2. Patients use reviews when making a healthcare choice. A survey done by BrightLocal found that 88% of people look at reviews when choosing a business online.
  3. Five star reviews look great when people see your practice in the Local Search results and make it more likely that they’ll click on your website.

ChiroHosting is here to help you get more reviews from your patients. We’ve created our new Chiropractic Review Building service that integrates with your website and makes it easy for patients to review your practice.

To make it easy to check your current review profile, we’ve put together a Free Chiropractic Review Analysis tool that you can use to get an idea of where you are and where you need to focus work.

Click Here to Get Your Free Review Analysis


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Chiropractic Patients Go Online to Find Health Information

Chiropractic Patients Go Online to Find Health InformationHave you ever heard (or given) the advice to steer clear of Google when experiencing unfamiliar medical symptoms? Using the Internet can run the risk of increasing anxiety about serious disease, making patients worry that their common cold is a terminal illness.

Clearly, many people are still looking online when they are concerned about their health. While doctors, nurses, and other health-care professionals continue to be the first choice for health advice, many are taking their problems to search engines and social media as well.

In a 2010 survey, American adults were asked about this topic during a national telephone survey by the Pew Internet & American Life Project. Over 3,000 people were interviewed, and the results show that many patients aren’t shy about looking for information online.

Of the participants, 74% were Internet users. Among them, the survey found that:

  • 80% have looked online for information about health topics.
  • 25% have watched at least one online video about medical issues.
  • 18% have used the Internet to find people with health concerns similar to theirs.
  • 16% have consulted online rankings or reviews of doctors or other providers.

The study also found that some people are actually using social media sites to access medical information. Among the 46% of participants using social media, they found that:

  • 23% have used social networking to follow the personal health experiences of friends.
  • 15% have gotten health information on social media sites.

Your chiropractic patients are among these information-hungry Internet users. Give them what they want. Be the reliable source they need about health-related topics. Write articles on your website about musculoskeletal pain. Blog about some of the symptoms in the types of injuries that you treat. Utilize social media to connect chiropractic information to clients and prospects. Upload videos about chiropractic topics. We call this content marketing, and it is worth your time. If you need advice about getting started or help with creating this content, click on the links in this paragraph, explore our website, or call our marketing experts at Chirohosting today.


Fox S. Summary of findings: ” I don’t know, but I can try to find out” is the default setting for people with health questions. The Social Life of Health Information 2011.

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The Basics of Modern Chiropractic Marketing

Put it at the Top: Placement of Information on Your Legal SiteIn the February 5  issue of Chiropractic Economics, writer Tammy Worth and an impressive panel of chiropractic marketing experts compiled a list of tips for chiropractors to create a strong marketing campaign. Their advice is summarized below.

1. Use technology!

Most people don’t turn to the Yellow Pages anymore. A chiropractic business usually has a 5- or 10- mile radius of local potential clients. With a small audience, it is important to focus your efforts well.

2. You need a website, and it doesn’t have to be expensive.

Some chiropractors design and optimize their own websites. Others pay a firm to do this for them. Companies like Chirohosting offer website hosting that is both professional and affordable.

3. Make the most out of mobile technology.

Short message service (SMS) marketing can be used to send appointment reminders, birthday greetings, and coupons to your chiropractic patients. Easy online services such as and Tatango can help you get started.

Another strategy mentioned in the article is to use text messages to reconnect with patients you haven’t seen in three months or more. Your office can send a text that you have an opening and patients can book today and receive a small discount.

4. Utilize social media.

Not only does the expert panel recommend using sites such as Facebook; they also mention the success of using sites like Groupon and LivingSocial to offer a discount and acquire new chiropractic clients.

Patient reviews are powerful, so try to include some testimonials on your site as well.  You should also be listed on directories like Yelp, Google Places, and Angie’s List. It is crucial you include a link to your website on these pages. This helps you build back links, which can help you rank higher on search engines.

5. Content is king and SEO rules!

The article discusses two topics we have previously discussed at length. Click here to read more about content marketing. And click here to read more about search engine optimization.

6. Track your success and set goals.

Programs like Google Analytics can help you track your chiropractic marketing-campaign success. You need to know if you’re generating leads and getting traffic to your chiropractic website. You can also set goals and check back and see how you’re doing.


Worth T. Modern marketing. Chiropractic Economics; February 5, 2015: 34-39.


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Merging Your Chiropractic Google+ Local & Google+ Business Page Now Available

After months of uncertainty surrounding the transition from Google Places to Google+ Local, Google seems to have completed what I like to call “stage 1” of the transition.  You can now verify your existing chiropractic Google+ Local listing and link it to your Google+ chiropractic business page.  What this will create is a unified presence for all organic Google search, Google Plus Local, and Google+ pages.

Jade Wang, Google+ community manager, announced on the Google Plus product forum the change, and what I would like to say affects the most simple cases for Google+ Local.  Chiropractors that have only one listing on Google+ Local, and one Google+ page can verify their listing through their Google+ business page.

How to Verify?

  • You can verify your G+ Local listing by going to your G+ business page (assuming you have one).  At the top of the screen there will be a verify listing tab, at which time you will again be prompted to receive a verification postcard.  The post card, which will have a verification code similar to a Google places verification, will be sent to your office with a projected arrival time of one week.  After you receive the postcard, follow the steps on for verifying your listing on your Google+ business page.

Why Verify?

  • By merging the two listing you will add a whole new dynamic to your listings.  Because the listing show up on both organic Google search and Google+ search, merging adds big time SEO benefits.  It also gives your chiropractic practice much more tools to interact with your patients, increasing your social presence.  This gives your practice increased viability, by putting emphasis on photos, videos and social media.
  • Also, you will be able to manage both Google+ Local and Google+ business from one admin dashboard.  Simplifying the process will make it easier to maintain, leaving you more time to deal with patients and less time battling Google.


Keeping up with the all the changes to Google+ Local, while receiving little help from has caused plenty of headaches. Now that the initial process for merging your Google+ Local and Google+ page are behind us, focusing on utilizing this tool for your business should become much easier.

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Google Search Changes

Google is a company that doesn’t sit still, and tonight (at least in parts of the country) Google has rolled out some new changes to it’s search results.

There are a couple of things we’re seeing:

  1. It’s changed the look quite a bit. Personally, I think the contrast is too low on the text. The description of the site pages used to be black, now it’s a shade of gray. I guess the designers must have taken over.
  2. No link to the Google cache anymore. That’s kind of a pain, because the Google cache is a handy tool for getting info from older versions of a site.
  3. Visited links in the search results aren’t changing color. This makes it very difficult to see what sites you’ve visited.

Right now, we’re not seeing any major changes in search results, just the layout and look and feel.

Let us know if you’re seeing anything different and your thoughts on the changes.

Mike Melton




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How to use Google Places

As a business owner, Google Places in one of the easiest marketing tools in your arsenal. It’s easy to setup and absolutely free, so you’d be crazy to ignore it. Google Places is basically a free business listing on Google where people can find more information about your services, find your location, and leave reviews for other people. Many of these listings are generated automatically but you’ll want to claim your listing and optimize its content as soon as possible.

The easiest way to find your listing is to go to Google Maps and type in your phone number. This will bring your listing up, if you have one, and will allow you to edit your listing’s content. Optimizing the content is important because it will allow you to control your public image and it will allow you to target specific keywords. This last part about the keywords is important because your Google Places listing with have a tangible impact on how your website ranks in organic search engine results, especially if you include keywords that relate to your industry and have a bunch of positive reviews.

Google Places listings are divided into a few different pieces: categories, description, details, photos & videos, and reviews. The easiest way to describe everything will be by breaking it into small chunks, so I’ll tackle each of these pieces separately.


When you initially setup your Google Places listing, you’ll be able to choose which categories best describe your business. Try to choose as many categories as you can and try different permutations. For instance: restaurants, bars, night clubs, bistros, fine dining, and steakhouse. All of these categories could describe a single restaurant and choosing all of the variations is much better than just choosing “restaurant”.


This is one of the most important chunks of your listing and it’s where you get to describe, in your own words, what your business does and why people should choose you. The difficult part is that you can only use a certain number of words, so you’ll have to choose them carefully. I recommend choosing the most descriptive words and words with clear visual associations and I recommend avoiding abstract qualitative words like “best” or “premier”. Better word choices could include “award winning” or “distinctive” because they have more specific connotations.


This is the least understood aspect of Google Places listings and the most frequently botched. Google basically allows you to enter whatever information you’d like, but in a very specific format:

Category: Information

This tightly monitored format is designed to prevent people from actively gaming the system for better search engine rankings, but with a little creativity you can come out ahead! Try to think of categories that’ll allow you to use important keywords. For instance, if you’re a chiropractor, you might want to use keywords like “chiropractic”, “acupuncture”, and “spinal decompression” or maybe specific keywords like “migraines”, “whiplash”, and “low back pain”. When you reach the Details section of your account, you’ll be faced with two empty boxes with a colon (:) in between. For example:

_____ : ______

The field on the left will appear in bold format and should be very concise, preferably one or two words. The field on the right will be in normal text and can be a bit longer, up to 15 words or so. Here’s an example of how you could target some very specific keywords:

Conditions Treated: Whiplash, Migraines, Back Pain, and Sciatica

This nifty little trick just allowed you to target 4 important keywords without doing anything shifty or looking strange. You should add at least 4-5 different fields to your Google Places account.

Photos and Videos

This is another often neglected piece of the puzzle. It’s an area where you can upload photos or videos that relate to your business and I recommend filling it to the brim with high quality content. This part of your listing is going to get a lot of attention and will determine whether or not people continue on to your website or turn back and check out your competitors. The best kind of content would be high quality photos of your business or videos of you introducing your business or talking about your services. Google provides easy step-by-step instructions for how to upload content.


You’ll have very little control over this part of your listing and Google is notoriously difficult when it comes to removing negative reviews. My recommendation is to ignore the nasty reviews and focus on having your clients fill the listing with positive reviews instead. For the amount of time you’ll spend having one negative review removed, you can easily have 5 positive reviews added. If you end up getting a really nasty review, you can report it to Google and request that it be removed.


And there you have it! My quick introduction to how to optimize Google Places for your business. If you have questions, shoot me an email at and I’ll be happy to provide answers!

Rod Campbell
Marketing Director

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The problems with duplicate content

We build a lot of chiropractic websites and one problem that we see every day is doctors “borrowing” content from other websites. There are a few problems with this.

First, it’s illegal. Taking content from another site without permission is copyright infringment, and the last thing you need to do while running a busy practice is deal with a lawsuit.

Second, Google has recently made some adjustments to their search algorithm that is designed to eliminate duplicate content from its search results.

Taking content from another website is going to create red flags for Google that will lower the overall search ranking of your site, making it harder for your patients to find you online.

The solution: original content.

Writing up short pages for you site relevant to your patients will provide useful information AND get you the extra search engine boost that will help your site in the long run.

Some doctors don’t have the time to add this type of content, and we understand that. So, if you need some help with this, we provide a custom chiropractic content service.

Just give us a call at (800) 295-3346, and we can help you out with this.

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Google SEO Starter Guide

With our ChiroHosting sites, we take care of the basic search engine optimization for your website, but there are a lot of things that you can do to boost your search placement when you add your own content to your chiropractic website.

Google provides a fantastic, free guide to doing exactly that, and we recommend that you read this book. You can download it here.

Some of it might be more technical than most of our clients will need, but there are some great tips on adding content to your site.

Here is a quick summary of the key p0ints:

  1. Think like a patient. What do you think your potential patients might be searching for? Create a page on your site about that exact topic.
  2. Write easy to read text. Don’t fill the page with gigantic masses of text. Patients won’t read it, because people skim online text. Write a few short paragraphs about the topic.
  3. Stay organized around the topic. Write about one topic so that it’s easier for the search engines to index.
  4. Create fresh, unique content. Try to add a page or two of content to your site each week. Blogging is fantastic for this, and it takes just a few minutes. A great way to come up with topics is to look at Google News for health and you’ll find lots of news articles to write about.

Good search placement isn’t difficult, but it does take a bit of work.

We’re here to help you out with this. If you ever have any questions about how to boost your rankings, give us a call at (800) 295-3346.

Mike Melton

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Chiropractic Marketing Bonus – $100 Adwords Coupon

We’re giving away $100 Google Adwords coupons to new clients! Chiropractors often ask us about the benefits of Pay-Per-Click advertising, so we’re giving you an opportunity to try it out for yourself by giving you $100 of advertising credit and free Adwords setup. Our goal is to provide the best chiropractic website service in the world by providing our clients with the best resources and tools on the web — without all the extra fees. Sign up for a website and we’ll setup your Adwords account, teach you how to use it, and credit your account with $100!

The trick to running a successful Adwords campaign is selecting the correct keywords, writing clear ad copy, and targeting the right locations. Our Adwords specialists can fine-tune your account and teach you the ins and outs of search engine advertising — for free!

New clients also have access to free consultations with our web marketing experts. We can help you design an effective social media strategy, perfect ad copy, and expand your visibility online! Our experts are trained in all aspects of web marketing: social media, search engine optimization, pay-per-click advertising, review sites, and blogging.

All of these services, and many more, are included in our $50 website service!

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Google Places Scam

Thank you for your interested in our service.
We are pleased to help you get more clients to your business.

We guarantee to get your website rank on page 1 of Google in 3-4 weeks
for 3 keywords of your choice.

We have been providing our service for a while with 100% success rate.
The price of our service is $599 one time fee.

If you have any question, please don’t hesitate to let us know by
phone or email at jsitt*******

We are looking forward to get your business to the next level in 2011.

Sincerely Yours,
Joe Sitt*******
Name: Joe Sitt*******
Email: jsitt*******
Phone: 604 *** ****

Yet another scam to avoid. This one involves charging $600 for less than an hour of work.

Ranking on the first page of Google isn’t a mysterious science and, for most cities, it’s not that difficult. It’s as simple as writing occasional blog articles, having a well programmed website, registering a Google Places account, and encouraging your patients to leave reviews.

Using “black hat” search engine techniques, cheats, or loopholes will eventually get you banned from Google. It’s not worth the brief gratification or the short burst of traffic – do things legitimately and it’ll pay off in the long run!

Have you run into other chiropractic marketing scams? Send them our way!

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