More Website Traffic = More New Patients

The whole point of having a chiropractic website for your clinic is to get new patients, but many sites don’t do that job well. One of the biggest problems we see with many sites is that they have poor placement in the search rankings and the coveted Google Local search display. If your site isn’t in the Google Local listings or is on page three of the search results, it’s going to be tough for patients to find you and you’re not going to get many phone calls from your website.

One of our success stories is Dr. Barry Hitchock of Athens, Georgia. He called us up about six months ago, needing help with his marketing. His site was very low in the Google Local results and he wasn’t getting any calls.

We started a program for him that:

  • Added original articles and blog posts to his site
  • Added custom directory citations to build his Local Search credibility
  • Shared his content on the major social media platforms
  • Created a viral post for him that drove traffic and garnered backlinks to his site

The custom program we’ve put together is already working, as we can see from the site traffic to Dr. Hitchcock’s site:

Chiropractic patient marketing

In May when we started the program, Dr. Hitchcock’s site only had 60 visitors; in September, we’re up to 517. That’s 8 times the visitors!

In addition, his search ranking is steadily improving and he’s on the first page of Google search.

Improving your site’s ranking isn’t magic, but it does take hard work. If you would like more from your web presence, we’d be happy to provide a free consultation where we look at your current marketing efforts and create a plan for improvement. Just give Jeremiah a call at (800) 295-3346 or contact us here for more information.

You can also read more of our success stories here.

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Question of the Week: Why is My Google Rank Dropping?

This is a question we hear from doctors who have had a site up for many years: Why is the new chiropractor down the street beating me in the search rankings?

Google uses over 200 different “signals” to determine how to rank a site, and some of the most important factors are:

  1. Keeping your site fresh
  2. Keeping your site active
  3. Keeping your site modern

If you don’t spend much time improving your site, it’s eventually going to start losing search ranking as other competitors in your city are working diligently on their sites to knock you off the top placement.

At ChiroHosting, we work for you to do the work that it takes to build and maintain your ranking in Google. If you need some help with your Google ranking, give us a call or contact us here for more information.

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Is your chiropractic site in Google Maps?

Let’s face it: the #1 reason to have a website for your clinic is to get new patients. And the first step to getting an influx of new patients from your website is to make it easy for people to find you online.

Here are some key facts that you need to keep in mind when developing your web presence:

  1. Google is the king. 67% of all search is done on Google, so if you’re not ranking well there, you’re missing a lot of new patients.
  2. A Google Local Business listing is a necessity. When searching for any kind of business, Google is going to display local, relevant business results in a map form, like this:Chiropractic Local Business listings

The above is the listing for one of our clients, Dr. Brad Dahlager (you can read about the work we’ve done for him here and here). Having that first listing in the maps is worth a tremendous amount of exposure. In fact, being #1 in local search or organic search results gets you about 36% of the clicks for any particular search term!

The Value of a #1 Listing

Being at the top of the Google Local Business listings means a dramatic increase in the number of people who will find your website, and here’s proof. First, here’s Dr. Dahlager’s Local Business ranking for “Chiropractor Noblesville” from October 2013 to July 2014:

Chiropractic search ranking


Dr. Dahlager’s site was at #36 when he first contracted with us, and he hit #1 in the local rankings by March, 2014 (and has been there ever since).

This placement in the Google Local rankings corresponds directly to an increase in traffic to the site, as we can see in this graph:

[visualizer id=”2150″]

When Dr. Dahlager came to us in October, he had 256 unique visitors; in August, he had 932 — an increase of 264%!

Getting Your Practice on the Map

A good placement in Google Local Business means more traffic to your site, which means more new patients. That means that if you want to grow your practice, Google Local has to be a priority for you. Here are the keys to improving your Google Local listing:

  1. Make sure your listing has the correct information and is verified.
  2. Make sure your listing is linked to your website.
  3. Get good quality reviews on Google+ from patients. Google is going to give a higher ranking to local businesses who have real, quality reviews. Dr. Dahlager has 25 reviews, and it’s helped him get to #1 on the map listings.
  4. Optimize your listing with appropriate keywords that your patients are using to search.
  5. Continue to add quality content to your website. A strong web presence depends on many factors, and Google Local rankings are linked to the quality of your website.

Need Help?

If you’re overwhelmed by the work needed to get better results from your chiropractic website, we can help. We have a great track record of helping professionals get more from their websites, and we can help you. We offer a variety of services designed to help you optimize your Google Local rankings:

  • Our Pro Level service is designed for clinics in smaller communities without much competition.
  • Our VIP Chiropractic Marketing service is designed for doctors in large cities that have many chiropractors.

For more information about how we can help you and your marketing, give us a call at (800) 295-3346 or contact us here.


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Telling the World About Chiropractic

Spread the word about chiropracticAlthough chiropractic has many proven benefits, nearly 90% of Americans have never been to a chiropractor and are unfamiliar with how chiropractic can help them improve their health naturally and non-invasively.

And for those people who do understand the effectiveness of chiropractic, many think that its benefits are limited to back pain. This is a shame, because chiropractic has been shown to be safer than medical care, less expensive than medical interventions, and equally (or more effective) in many cases.

So, how do we spread the word about how awesome chiropractic is?

The modern web and social media provide us with some powerful tools that we can use to reach people in our communities:

  • The first and most important component is your chiropractic website. A well-designed site with good content can make it easy for people to find answers to their health problems. For instance, for one of our clients, we put together a page with all of the benefits of chiropractic that shows up in the Google search results for Boca Raton, FL. Now, when people are searching for a solution to sciatica, headaches, fibromyalgia, or any of the other things that chiropractic is good for, they’re going to find Dr. Pachter’s site.
  • Video. Video is incredibly powerful, but underutilized by many chiropractors because creating video costs money and time. With modern cell phones, you can actually create your own videos fairly easily, but it still takes time and most doctors don’t feel comfortable doing this. With ChiroHosting, we provide a complete library of chiropractic videos that are included with your website, so you don’t have to bother with video production. However, our N8 Site Builder allows you to easily add your own videos, too.
  • Facebook gives provides chiropractors with a powerful tool to tell people about chiropractic. The most effective way to do this is to start building followers among your patients, and then regularly post information about the benefits of chiropractic to your followers. By keeping your clinic in the minds of your patients, you’re going to make it very easy for them to share your Facebook posts with their friends and family. Because Facebook takes work to keep active, we provide our Automated Chiropractic Social Media program.
  • Facebook advertising is another powerful tool that most chiropractors don’t utilize. Did you know that with Facebook, you can laser target your ads to reach people in certain geographic areas or zip codes, you can target men or women, people of a specific age, and even people with specific interests? For instance, you can target people who “like” chiropractic or who have expressed an interest in health conditions. You can even target pregnant women, if you want to provide wellness care for expecting moms!

All of these are powerful ways to spread the word about what you do and how you can help. Some doctors have the time to do this work themselves, but many don’t and that’s why we provide our VIP Chiropractic Marketing Program. With our program, we take care of everything above for you so you can focus on being a chiropractor and not a marketing guru!

If you have questions about our website service or marketing program, give us a call or contact us here
for more information.

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Using Video to Get New Chiropractic Patients

There are dozens of chiropractic website companies out there who can build you a basic website, but we have some unique features that make our service better.

First, we have a library of over 83 chiropractic videos that help you educate patients about the benefits of chiropractic and encourage people to give your office a call for an appointment. When combined with custom content, these videos are a powerful way to convert site visitors into patients. You can see an example of how we integrate videos with content on the site of one of our clients, Dr. Mark Holland:

Chiropractic and headache

Second, our $49.95 Chiropractic Website is the best bang-for-the-buck in the industry. For that price, you get a modern, responsive design; unlimited email support; our video library; over 907 pages of chiropractic content; and basic SEO tools that you can use to optimize your own site.

Third, we help doctors dominate their local Google search results with our VIP Chiropractic Marketing Service. Now, everyone claims to be able to do this for your practice, but we back it up with real-life examples of how we’ve helped doctors get to #1 in the search results.

Our VIP service is exclusive to your community: if you sign up with us, we won’t provide marketing services to any other chiropractor in your city. We dedicate our time and energy exclusively to you. Some other companies will work with multiple chiropractors in the same area, which we don’t think is an ethical way to do business. Only one chiropractor can be #1 in a city!

We’re Here to Help

If you’re interested in our our Value Chiropractic Website, give us a call or contact us here for details.

If you want to dominate the Google search results for your city, get a Free Chiropractic Marketing Analysis here.

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Complimentary Chiropractic Marketing Consultation

Are you looking for more from your web presence? Would you like to get more traffic and new patients from your chiropractic website?

We have a track record of success in helping our clients get good search ranking, higher traffic, and more new patients with our VIP Chiropractic Marketing Program, and, for a limited time, we’re offering a Complimentary Marketing Consultation to all chiropractors.

Here’s what your Marketing Consultation will include:

  • An assessment of your current search ranking for the most important keywords
  • A review of your website’s citation profile
  • A competitive analysis that examines what’s working for other chiropractors in your city
  • Suggestions on how to boost your organic search ranking in Google

The first step in improving your chiropractic website’s ranking is to see where you are now. You can get your Free Marketing Analysis here.

You can also see examples of our work with our Chiropractic Marketing Success Stories.

If you have any questions about our services, please give us a call or contact us here.

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What’s a New Patient Worth to Your Practice?

Chiropractic Marketing Budget
Get the best bang for your buck.

For many chiropractors looking for an agency to help them with their marketing strategy, price is oftentimes the primary factor in deciding who to pick. Too many times, we hear a doctor say, “This guy I know can run my marketing for $100 less a month. I’m going with him.”

If you’re basing your marketing plan solely on cost, you could be making a big mistake. When running a marketing strategy, the first question you need to answer is:

What’s My Return on Investment (ROI)?

Let’s look at two different cases:

Doctor A finds a marketing guy who takes care of his SEO and content and only charges $100 a month.

Doctor B works with an agency that charges him $600 a month.

On the face of it, it would appear that Doctor A is getting the far better deal, wouldn’t it?

The answer is: We don’t have enough information. We also need to know the following:

  • What is the organic search ranking for each doctor?
  • How much traffic is each doctor getting to their website?
  • What percentage of site visitors call or email for an appointment?
  • And the biggest question: How many new patients is each doctor getting each month from their investment?

Marketing is not an expense; it’s an investment. For every dollar you put into your marketing, you need to get more dollars out in new patients.

Your Return on Investment is how much you get back for your advertising dollar. In the example above with Doctor A and Doctor B, if both are getting 50 new patients a month, then Doctor A is getting a better ROI.

For our chiropractic marketing clients, we focus on organically boosting their search ranking, driving more traffic to their site, and making their phone ring with new patients. One of our doctors got 65 new patients in July, 2014. Another doctor got to #1 in St Louis, MO. (You can read more of our success stories here.)

Choose Your Agency Based on Results, Not Price

We’re very proud of the work we do for our clients, but don’t take our word for it. Check out the competition. Ask to see their results for their clients, and actually call up the chiropractors and ask them for their feedback. Our clients are delighted to talk to you and give us a glowing reference!

Free Marketing Analysis

If you’re interested in our service, but would like some free information about how we would approach your marketing needs, we recommend that you first get a Complimentary Chiropractic Marketing Analysis. There’s no obligation or commitment, and it gives you a clear blueprint of what you need to do to dominate the search rankings in your city.

If you have any questions, please give us a call or contact us here for more information.

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SEO Extortion Emails

There’s a new scam making its way around the web, and you need to make sure you’re not hit with this one.

People are getting emails that are demanding $1,500, or the extortionists will start a campaign of negative SEO:



Negative SEO is a technique where someone will point thousands of poor quality backlinks at your website, with the goal of hurting your search ranking. Google uses backlinks to your site when determining where to rank your chiropractic site in the search results. Poor quality or paid links can seriously damage your ranking.

We have not heard from any of our clients regarding this extortion scheme, but if you get one of these, here’s what you need to do:

First, don’t pay the extortionists! There are ways that you can remove the risk to your website from negative SEO.

Second, get an accurate, baseline backlink profile. We provide that for our SEO clients with VIP Chiropractic Marketing Service, and your marketing firm should be providing that for you on a regular basis. With a baseline profile, you’ll be able to see what current backlinks you have and detect new, spammy links when they appear.

Third, if you detect new, poor quality links, file a link disavowal notice through Google Webmaster Tools. This tells Google that you don’t want the link to be associated with your site.

Please let us know if you’ve received one of these emails. If you need some help with your chiropractic marketing strategy, give us a call or contact us here.

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