And the Winning Chiropractic Site Goes To…

And the Winning Chiropractic Site Goes To...Marketing expert Sterling McKinley says that online marketing is more marathon than sprint, in a helpful article published in the Baltimore Business Journal. His seven tips, which I have summarized here, are valuable to anyone with a business website. As a chiropractor wanting to lead the pack in your local market, you are even more likely to value his words of wisdom about local online marketing.

Tip 1: Think long-term.

All marketing plans take time, including online marketing. You must be patient and keep on it.

Tip 2: Set goals.

Don’t be vague, either. You want to have a specific plan, pick a niche, and make your website user-friendly.

Tip 3: Make your site work for you 24/7.

Your website is accessible all day and night, year-round. So even when your chiropractic office is closed, your chiropractic site should have the power to generate new clients when they visit it.

Tip 4: Be mobile-ready.

Your website should be friendly to mobile devices like smartphones and tablets. Please call us if you would like more information about converting your chiropractic website to a more mobile-ready version.

Tip 5: Focus on local.

Get found in your city! People are searching online for chiropractors near their homes.

Tip 6: Use video.

We have said it before here, and we will say it again now. There is a power to using video on your website. Videos have been shown to engage website users more than reading text.

Tip 7: Spend money where it matters: online.

Everywhere I look, I see marketing experts advising business owners to invest marketing dollars in online campaigns, much more so than more traditional marketing. McKinley agrees. He even says, “Phone books, TV and radio are dying off… Smart business owners are spending money online.”

And finally… ask for help if you need it.

If you look closely at your online presence (focused on the local market), you may find you need to alter or even transform your internet marketing campaign. Just remember to persevere and don’t give up. And if you have questions or need help, don’t hesitate to call us today.


McKinley S. Seven ways to win the online marketing marathon. Baltimore Business Journal April 18, 2013.

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