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Reasons Why You Should Be Using Google Analytics

Google Analytics is the most popular & useful analytics service offered by Google. This web analytics tool allows you to get an in-depth view into your website. Having a great website is the first step, but it is also crucial that you know the...

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What is Google BERT & Will it Affect Your Chiropractic Website?

Google has recently announced a new update called BERT which will handle search queries - they are trying to understand searchers better than ever! Let's see what Google Bert means for your chiropractic local business & if there is any action to...

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Organic Search vs. Paid - What's the Better Strategy?

When people are in need, they go to Google for answers. They might be searching for the definition of a word or to find the best local chiropractor. If you have a live website then you want and need to be found! If you are just sharing...

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What to Do with Your Video Testimonials

You just recorded a glowing patient testimonial video in your office. Now what do you do?

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