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What is Google BERT & Will it Affect Your Chiropractic Website?

Google has recently announced a new update called BERT which will handle search queries - they are trying to understand searchers better than ever! Let's see what Google Bert means for your chiropractic local business & if there is any action to...

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Organic Search vs. Paid - What's the Better Strategy?

When people are in need, they go to Google for answers. They might be searching for the definition of a word or to find the best local chiropractor. If you have a live website then you want and need to be found! If you are just sharing...

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What to Do with Your Video Testimonials

You just recorded a glowing patient testimonial video in your office. Now what do you do?

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Tips & Tricks for a Fantastic 'Contact Us' Page

Did you know that it's been acknowledged that your Contact Us page has more page views than any other section on your chiropractic website? It’s true, according to WordStreams article by Megan Marrs.

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