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Email all of your contacts about the benefits of chiropractic. And, it requires no work.

Video boosts performance

Including video in your email newsletter increases click-through rates.

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Your newsletter is delivered directly to your contacts, twice every month.


Keep in touch with your contacts.

Email is the perfect way to keep in touch with all of your contacts. A periodic email newsletter serves as a reminder to folks that chiropractic care makes everyone's life better.

Engaging content, without effort

The big problem is that producing your own newsletter takes a lot of time and good bit of know-how. Not only do you have to think of interesting topics, you have to write it, prepare it, and send it. The reality is that you plan to do a newsletter, but it doesn't actually happen.

ChiroHosting makes your life easier with our Chiropractic Email Newsletter service.

  • Features an article and video highlighting the benefits of chiropractic
  • Links back to your N8 Chiropractic Website *
  • Delivered twice each month 

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