Using video to boost your chiropractic marketing

February 21, 2023

Video production can be a fantastic marketing tool for your chiropractic website audience. With simple editing tools such as iMovie, Adobe Rush or FilmoraGo, there are a majority of online users who prefer watching a 1 to 2 minute video about you rather than reading it.

Video on Your Chiropractic Website Is Worth the Effort

To be successful you must consider and choose the appropriate health care methods. These methods include HIPAA requirements, patient safety and other healthcare issues that may convolute your use of video, leading to possible legal problems.

However, you should introduce yourself through a chiropractic video so, you may reach more patients and offer them your chiropractic services. In a recent article by Healthcare Communication Tools, "Maximize video for your health care practice", a number of advantages are spelled out.

As the 522 Productions website notes:

Of all video marketing tactics, companies in the healthcare industry find the creation of informative videos, such as disease and disorder guides, useful for patients. From conducting interviews with medical specialists to providing an eye-catching introduction to common diseases and conditions, healthcare videos offer viewers useful information while increasing brand awareness and confidence. According to Google Think, approximately 1 in 8 patients use online video to research hospitals, health insurance, and health information.

Marketing: Patient testimonials

Your happy patients are among your strongest marketing allies. The Influence Health website suggests:

Let’s say you want to promote a specific service line, such as cardiology or oncology. Who better to help tell your story than the people your hospital has already treated? Video testimonials from patients carry weight with consumers who haven’t yet finalized their treatment or facility decisions. They express empathy from the point of view of someone who’s been in the prospective patient’s situation.

For an example, a video starts not with your branding but, a chiropractor who tells the story of a patient with a heartfelt challenge. This begins the narrative arc of your video that immediately connects the audience to you; showing the positive side of a personal journey despite the difficulties that the journey will take.

Check out this video: 

In conclusion, there are multiple video tools that are extremely easy to use in todays' world. Video software is being produced to help you deliver the message you want. Find one that works for you and start producing "how you can help" and show "how chiropractic can be beneficial to your health"!


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