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How Patients Use Online Reviews When Choosing Their Chiropractor

There are many reasons behind why people are using online reviews to help them determine which businesses and business professionals are worthy of their hard-earned cash. Among them is that online reviews are a form of social proof. Social proof...

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Managing Your Chiropractic Clinic's Online Reputation

Looking after your reputation online is the equivalent to being in a small town and having the town gossip come in and tell you what everyone is saying about your services. It tells you the areas in which you excel, highlighting what you should...

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Warning: You're Losing Patients by Not Having Online Reviews for Your Chiropractic Clinic

We know that the title is a bit alarming, and we're sorry if it scared you. It is critically important for you to learn about the value of online reviews. In this post, we'll quickly cover why you, as a chiropractor, must build your brand online...

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