Chiropractic Marketing Ideas: The importance of content on your site

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In this episode, we have a question from a client that I get a lot:

What’s the one thing that I can do right away to get better search ranking for my site?

The answer is simple: Content, content, and more content.

There are at least four reasons to have lots of original material on your site:

First, It doesn’t matter what service or product you sell, you need to have original articles on your site that explain what you do, so when people visit your site, they know how you can help them.

Second, Google and the other search engines aren’t psychic. They don’t know what services or products you sell unless you tell them, and since Google indexes the words on your site, you need to use words to explain what you do. That makes it easier for Google to display your site in the search results when someone is searching for your service.

Third, content gives you something to share on your social media accounts. Many of your potential clients are on Facebook and Twitter, and those are a great way to engage with people who might need your services. Regularly updating your site makes it easy to find things to share with your followers.

And fourth, cool content is the most reliable way to get links to your site. We’ll talk about the importance of backlinks in future videos, but for now, realize that links from other websites are very important, and your site will have more credibility in Google’s eyes if you have a lot of legitimate sites that link to yours.

So if you want your site to rank well, you need to start working on content. If you have any questions about SEO or how to optimize your content, ask us below in our comments section or by email. We’ll answer a new question in our next video.

Now, for many doctors, running a busy practice is hard work and it can be tough to find time to work on your site. Our VIP Chiropractic Marketing program takes care of all the details that help your site work better for your practice. Check out the link below to see how our service can help you.

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