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Chiropractic Marketing Radius

Most marketing companies will tell you to market in a certain radius around your office. Why limit yourself? Last week, on my way to Iowa for the holidays, my radius expanded to 1,028 miles. How did I do this? Easy – I market myself every single place I go, whether it is simply going down […]

Chiropractic Marketing with Facebook

Are you using Facebook as part of your chiropractic marketing plan? If not, you’re missing out in reaching many potential patients. The latest reports show that 128 million people in the US are using the social media giant — and all of those are people who could benefit from chiropractic. The power of Facebook lies […]

Chiropractic Marketing: HIPAA vs. Facebook

There’s some chatter on the web, mostly propagated by an op-ed piece by Dr. Katherine Chretien, that HIPAA may be cracking down on patient-doctor interactions online. The gist of Dr. Chretien’s piece goes something like this: “The mere existence of a patient-physician relationship (e.g. having others suspect a Facebook friend is a patient) could be […]