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Free Chiropractic Marketing Ebook

Google Adwords. Organic listings. PPC. SEO. It can be overwhelming navigating the world of online chiropractic marketing. But it’s actually not that tough. And to make it easier for you, I’ve put together a free Ebook that explains how to easily optimize your website to get more traffic…and more patients. Click here to download the […]

Chiropractic SEO Tip #1

Search engine optimization can be a little intimidating for chiropractors trying to rank their pages well, but it really isn’t rocket science. In this video, I explain the basics of getting your pages on the first page of Google. If you have questions, give my staff a call at (800) 295-3346. Even if you aren’t […]

Warning – Chiropractic Marketing Scam

Here’s an early scam warning, courtesy of Dr. Kinan Hadaya. Friends and clients, Chiropractors are receiving scam calls from a company called “National Business Network” or “National Business Directories”. The company will demand payment for web services and may threaten to send a bill to collections. They will request your credit card information but will refuse […]