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Chiropractic Marketing: The Short View vs the Long View

Ask me a question about chiropractic marketing here. I’m happy to help! Learn about our complete Chiropractic Marketing Service where we take care of all the day-to-day details of getting you new patients, which now includes our new Automated Chiropractic Social Media service at no extra charge! This week we have a question from Dr. […]

Warning – Chiropractic Marketing Scam

Here’s an early scam warning, courtesy of Dr. Kinan Hadaya. Friends and clients, Chiropractors are receiving scam calls from a company called “National Business Network” or “National Business Directories”. The company will demand payment for web services and may threaten to send a bill to collections. They will request your credit card information but will refuse […]

Chiropractic marketing tools

I just had a chiropractor ask me to create a list of the most powerful chiropractic marketing tools on the web and provide a brief description of them. Here’s a down & dirty article on some of the websites that can help you get new patients. Chiropractors have several powerful marketing tools at their disposal, […]