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Chiropractic Marketing: Join the Community!

Abraham Lincoln had some great advice: “A house divided against itself cannot stand.” We can achieve more by working together than by fighting amongst each other. Here’s some marketing advice: spend less time coming up with ways to beat your competition and spend more time thinking about how you can promote chiropractic as a whole. There’s a […]

Why Safe is Risky

“Safe is Risky“ – Seth Godin First and foremost, if you haven’t read one of Seth Godin’s books get off your bum and walk down to the nearest bookstore. I recommend reading Tribes or Purple Cow. Seth is one of the most influential writers of the last decade and a powerful business leader. His books […]

Chiropractic websites need video!

One of our most common questions is “how can I make my website better?” The answer usual includes a schpeel about linguistics, user interface, and messaging, but we’ve added an additional emphasis– video! After some extensive research, we’ve discovered that websites that include video are significantly more successful than websites that use only text and […]