A blog can be a very useful tool for your practice, for a few reasons. First, a blog is the quickest way to add fresh content to your website. This is very important, because of the things that Google looks at when ranking a site is how often it is updated. If you set up your chiropractic site and then never add anything to it, Google’s going to consider it out-of-date or irrelevant, and it’s going to rank your site lower than one that’s updated regularly. Second, blog posts are added to the search results very quickly. On our chiropractic marketing blog, we’ve seen posts show up on the first page of Google literally in minutes. Again, Google wants to provide relevant, fresh content. Third, blog posts are a great way to have a regular supply of content to share on your social media accounts. More and more of your potential patients are using social media, so it’s important to be active there. Plus, you can connect your blog to Facebook so that your new blog posts get updated automatically. Fourth, you can gain a very strong position in the search rankings if you build a blog carefully targeted to your community. By focusing on your local area, you can get people to follow your blog and start a conversation with patients. It’s a great place to answer questions and show your expertise. We have a number of blogging options for our clients. ChiroHosting sites include a blog with our Pro Level of service. In addition, we also offer an Automated Social Media Service and Custom Blogging where we write original articles for doctors who don’t have the time to write. We also have a lot of other resources that can help you get started blogging: Tips for Chiropractic Blogging 10 Ideas for Your Chiropractic Blog Chiropractic Blogging 101   Go back to our  Beginner's Guide to Chiropractic Websites and SEO