Chiropractic Video Email Newsletters

Most chiropractic email newsletters feature a boring wall of text with a few images. It’s easy to see how such lackluster messages get quickly thrown into the Trash folder. To make your email marketing more effective, you want newsletters that stand out amidst the sea of incoming messages from competitors.

That’s where video e-mail newsletters can make a difference. While it’s easy to ignore a text-heavy email, most readers can’t resist clicking “play”. When they do, they’ll be immediately linked to your website, where they can watch a video on the latest chiropractic news.

As patients learn about the benefits of chiropractic, they’ll remember your site as a place for relevant, interesting information, fostering a sense of trust in you as chiropractor. Plus our videos feature a prominent call to action reminding patients how you can help them get out pain. Then scheduling an appointment is just a click or call away.

Chiropractic Email Newsletter

  • Two video newsletters a month.
  • Email marketing suite.
  • Build campaigns, manage contacts, and track email stats.
  • 200+ templates
  • Just $20 per every additional thousand recipients.

You can gain access to dozens of video newsletters specifically geared towards chiropractors when you sign up for our Chiropractic Email Newsletter service.

We’ll automatically send out two new video newsletters a month on your behalf, and you gain access to an email marketing suite that allows you build campaigns, manage contacts, and track email stats. Creating engaging email newsletters is easy with ourĀ  200+ templates packed with chiropractic articles and videos. All that is just $40 a month per 1,000 recipients. After the first thousand, it’s only $20 per every additional thousand recipients.

Make your email marketing engaging and fresh.

Sign up for our Chiropractic Email Newsletter today. Give us a call at (800) 295-3346.