Chiropractic Blog Feature

Blogs are a great way to add content to your site quickly and painlessly and boost your placement in the search engines, as well. A chiropractic blog on your site has quite a few benefits:
  • Blog content gets indexed quickly in the search engines. A site page may take a few days to show up in the Google search results, but we've seen blog posts show up within minutes. WordPress is great for this, as it actually pings Google when you post new content.
  • Blog posts are easy to write. A lot of work can go into a site page when you're trying to optimize it for certain keywords, but a blog post can be something quick that just takes a few minutes to prepare. Perhaps, there's a local news item that you wish to comment on or you see a great chiropractic study that you'd like to share. With a blog, you can log on, write something up, link to the source, and you're finished! Fresh content for your patients and Google.
  • Blog posts are easy to share. WordPress includes a built-in RSS feed, which is a stripped down version of all of your posts and pages. This feed is created using XML, which can be used by countless web services, including Facebook, Twitter, and Google+. What this means is that you can connect your blog to these services and then update your social media accounts instantaneously, rather than manually sharing to each service. It's the perfect way to share your blog posts.
When choosing a chiropractic website design firm, check the following before you sign up:
  • Make sure you're getting an RSS feed. If you can't feed your blog into your social media accounts, there's not much point.
  • Make sure you can tweak your meta tags. You want to have full control over that.
  • Make sure it's a managed service. You don't have time to bother with software updates and you certainly don't want to be hacked! At ChiroHosting, we monitor our blog installs and make sure they're secure so you can focus on being a chiropractor and not a webmaster.
  • Make sure the blog pings Google. You want your posts online as quick as possible, so make sure your host is using Ping-o-Matic or something similar.
WordPress, again, is a great blogging platform, but there are some things you need to be aware of. Once you have all the basic technical aspects set up, you'll be ready to start blogging! Learn more about our  VIP Chiropractic Marketing Service or go back to  The Complete Guide to Chiropractic Marketing.