Content is one of the most important things you can do to be successful online. Content is what makes up your site, what you share on social media, and what how you blog. Without content, your online presence would simply be an online business card—nothing that would differentiate you from other chiropractors in your community. To best understand how content can help your chiropractic marketing strategy, let's look at the different roles that content can play.


1. Use Content to Educate

First, we use content to educate. Why do people visit your website? Is it because they're just browsing around the web? No. If they're on your chiropractic site, it's probably because  they're looking for answers to a problem they have. Our first job is to answer the patient's questions. This is a common mistake we see when chiropractors come to us for help. They'll wonder why site visitors "bounce" off their site from the search results. When we check their page, we'll find something like a "Services" page with just a list of services the doctor performs. This kind of content is pretty much useless to a patient, because they need to see if you specifically can help them solve their specific problem. A list of services doesn't help them. For instance, if you use a particular technique or approach, don't just list that (because it means nothing to the patient). Show the patient how your technique can help them solve their problem! Or perhaps a patient has a question about sciatica and how to treat it. If your site simply says that you work with sciatica patients, it doesn't answer the patient's question. Show them how you work with sciatica and include testimonials from patients who you've helped. Your website is the perfect opportunity to engage, educate, and convert. Don't waste it with weak content.


2. Use Content to Engage

One of the most powerful things that you can do with your website is create a sense of community. This takes time and effort, but if you can create content that your patients enjoy, share, and discuss with you, you have built a chiropractic community that will benefit your practice for years. The best way to build a community is to blog regularly and share your posts on all the social media sites. Taking it further, you can create a digest of your most popular posts and email your list of patients with updates once a month.


3. Use Content to Help Google

Google's algorithm has made many improvements in the last few years, but it's not psychic. You need to create content that's using the right keywords, has the right meta tags, and provides useful and original material. When you do that, Google will index your posts or pages quickly and accurately. Content is the most important part of your chiropractic marketing strategy, because it runs everything else. If you would like some guidance, check out our VIP Chiropractic Marketing Service. Our team of marketing experts are here for you!   Go back to our  Beginner's Guide to Chiropractic Websites and SEO