AdWords for Chiropractors

An effective chiropractic marketing campaign will drive traffic your website through a variety of different channels. Organic SEO and Local Search Marketing are critical aspects of generating patients over the long term, but pay-per-click advertising (PPC) can also be an important tool to help people find your office.

Our PPC management is a service we offer with our VIP Chiropractic Marketing Plan, and our goal for our clients is get qualified traffic to your site via appropriate keywords and targeting. As part of our service, our Google Partner-Certified Account Managers are here to consult and manage your AdWords campaigns. As part of their work, they will take care of the following aspects of your strategy:

  • Campaign Goals. With any our marketing programs, we’re always working to help you reach your marketing goals. This is especially important with paid advertising, as a poorly designed campaign can rapidly waste your money. Often times, our client campaign goals for PPC are to attract certain types of new patient to the office.
  • Campaign Budgeting. Our Account Managers will work with your advertising budget to make sure that you’re spending the correct amount each month. There are a number ways that your PPC budget can be structured, depending on what kind of traffic you need.
  • Keyword Research. Based upon your Campaign Goals, we’ll develop a list of keywords and phrases that will bring the best results. We use a variety of sophisticated tools that allow us to discover unique key phrases that will target the right type of patient.
  • Negative Keyword Optimization. AdWords isn’t as simple as adding a bunch of keywords and letting it run. A key component of maximizing your PPC budget is to make sure that you’re filtering out irrelevant keywords that aren’t bringing in new patients. We take care of this task for you, as our Account Managers are constantly monitoring your campaign.
  • Geographic Targeting. This is another key component of your AdWords strategy. Google allows you to carefully target cities or even neighborhoods that will help you focus on those people are more likely to become a patient.
  • Call Tracking. As part of our service, we include Call Tracking that allows us to see what keyword a patient used to reach your site, what pages they visited, and when they called your office. If you wish, we can record these calls for you and you can listen to those to make sure that your staff are helping patients when they call.
  • Monthly Reports. Each month, we’ll send you reporting show the results of your campaign during the previous month. This is a great time to evaluate the calls that came into your office and suggest further adjustments to your campaign.

As you can see, there’s a lot of work to be done to manage an effective, profitable PPC campaign for your chiropractic practice. To learn more about our services, give us call today at (800) 295-3346 or contact us here.