Chiropractic Websites Made Easy

ChiroHosting is pleased to announce some exciting new features that make your chiropractic website a powerful way to get new patients. “We’ve been creating effective, powerful chiropractic websites for our clients for ten years, and we have taken interactivity to a whole new level with our latest upgrades,” says Mike Melton, owner of ChiroHosting. These new features include:
  • Social Marketing Integration: Facebook and Twitter are great ways to engage with people in your community, and ChiroHosting makes it easy to link your chiropractic website to your accounts.
  • Home Page Widget System: This allows chiropractors to build their home page to exactly meet their practice needs. Now you can customize your site to reflect the uniqueness of their practice.
  • Search Engine Optimization: Our new chiropractic search engine optimization system helps your site get found on Google. ChiroHosting’s sites include over 500 pages of chiropractic articles and videos that help boost your search engine placement.
  • Easy Video Integration: YouTube is a great way to add video to your site, and our proprietary site editor makes it easy to embed YouTube videos directly to your site.
  • Chiropractic Facebook Application: Now chiropractors can embed video and multimedia right in their Facebook fan page.
  • Free Chiropractic Blog Integration: A blog is an easy way to add content to your chiropractic site, and ChiroHosting includes a complete blog feature at no extra cost.
“With our new features, our clients can easily customize and optimize their chiropractic websites for social media and search optimization. It really makes their site a dynamic presence on the web,” says Melton. Chiropractic websites don’t have to be expensive or difficult. ChiroHosting provides a turn-key website solution, as well as  free chiropractic marketing tips to help you get the most out of your site. has been providing quality chiropractic websites to their clients since 2000, making 2010 their 10-year anniversary. They can be reached at or (800) 295-3346.