Chiropractic Search Engine Optimization

Having an effective chiropractic website is just the first step — your patients need to be able to find your site, too! Your site with ChiroHosting includes free search engine optimization so that you'll be found in the major search engines. Our state-of-the art site design and programming provides our clients with excellent search placement.

The Art and Science of Search Engine Optimization

  There are a few key components to achieving good search placement:
  1. Proper keyword utilization. When Google is indexing your site, it looks for keywords in the text of your site pages.
  2. Correct site coding. Newer search engine technology looks at the technical aspects of your site when ranking it. We take care of all of these details so that your site loads quickly and is search engine friendly.
  3. Content, content, content. The search engines love fresh content, and we provide over 890 pages of written material, with new articles each month to boost your search placement.
  4. Links. For Google, the more links you have to your site, the more important it is. The more important it is, the better its search placement. Immediately after building your chiropractic website, we add it to our Chiropractic Directory. This gives you an instant, valuable link that gives your site a search ranking boost from day one.
We're proud of how our client sites rank in the search engines, and we're always studying the latest techniques used by Google and Yahoo to get your site the best search engine placement.