Mike and Everyone at ChiroHosting, I can't thank you enough for the work you have done for my chiropractic website. Being an upstart in a new town, I knew that I would have to fight my way up the ladder against the established big guns in the area, and you guys have been up to the task. From your website to all of your help with social media suggestions, you guys really helped my page move through the rankings and got me first page placement on Google, Yahoo, and Bing quite quickly.I am not writing to thank you for this, though.  You already know I am appreciative, and frankly, it's what you get paid for - a job well done.  The reason I am writing is because of how you have gone above and beyond the call of duty with the question and answers site that you have helped me to incorporate.  Now, it's not just a standard search for "my town / chiropractor" or "my town / chiropractic" that gets me seen.  Any search term I can think of, for a variety of conditions now not only gets me the top slot in my local area, but often the top three or four slots!  Keywords like "whiplash," "sports injury," and "hip pain" all put me at the top.  Ahead of other chiropractors. Ahead of medical doctors.  Ahead of physical therapists.  Ahead of the various huge directories such as the yellow pages.  TOP SPOT!  Now the only thing that I have to do is make sure that you don't give out your secrets to my competitors! Thank you so much for your help and I look forward to many innovations to keep us at the top for many years to come. Best wishes, and thank you for keeping us running strong.

Dr. William J. O'Donnell, Vertebrata Chiropractic

ChiroHosting, and in particular Mike at ChiroHosting has been an excellent source of information and help. His answers to my questions usually come within the hour; at least always on the same day.The information that Chiro Hosting is dispensing has made my FaceBook page look very professional, and has been a good source for my patients, reminding them who I am and what we do at the office. Information is always up to date and well sourced.I have no trouble recommending ChiroHosting to help build your practice.

Dr. Greg Lippitt, West Shore Wellness

From everyone at Westheights Chiropractic Clinic, we would like to thank you for the exceptional service that your team has provided us. When we were doing our research on finding a website provider, ChiroHosting caught our attention right away. What we loved about ChiroHosting was that there was no big sales pitch. To this day I am still getting phone calls from other website providers harassing me to sign up and offering me all of these free gifts which I have yet to receive.We contacted other chiropractors that were using your service and had nothing but good things to say. We knew from that point that ChiroHosting was the way to go. From the minute we signed up, we were welcomed with open arms and our site was in the making. Whenever we had a question or needed something done, our phone calls and e-mails were answered right away, we never had to wait. There were some points when technical difficulties were an issue but the team at ChiroHosting resolved these issues very quickly.Our website has turned out exactly how we envisioned it. Your team is very professional and well educated. Now is our website is up and running the way we want it to, we appreciate that your team is continuously working with us to make it even better. We love the fact that you are working with us on such topics as search engine optimization, blogging, and social media. Together, working as a team, I know we will have our site listed in the top 3 spots on Google in the future. I know this will take time. We have had many chiropractors check out our site and can't believe how well it's done. They comment on how professional it looks and their next question is "who is the provider?" We continue to spread the word about ChiroHosting and I personally have many friends currently graduating that are looking for a website provider. Keep up the good work and we couldn't be any happier with choosing ChiroHosting!

Dr. Ryan Rullitis, Westheights Chiropractic

I’m a new client of ChiroHosting and have nothing but the best to say about this group. I contacted/interviewed many webpage/hosting type companies tailored to chiropractic and thought these guys were too good to be true.If you are looking for an honest, non-pushy company that offers tons of help, I would suggest you try them out.I often read posts made on FaceBook by ChiroHosting and decided to leave a comment tonight...an honest unsolicited comment.

Dr. Roderick White, Cahaba Wellness

I have so sincerely appreciated the amazing service that I have received from you and your company. Your CMS is so very user friendly AND you guys get back to me really fast!! I have already wasted a lot of money with a few other firms, now wishing that I would have called you first. Just thought that your price was so good that the service would not be. I am VERY PLEASANTLY surprised. Thanks again. I really love all the new feature and I have already referred my brother and cousin. Please keep up the great service and products.

Dr. Kevin Polzin, Bellevue Health and Wellness  

I would very much like to thank ChiroHosting for their effort on my behalf. The website they produced was truly a work of art. There isn't one person that has not commented on how sophisticated and easy to navigate it is. The quality of the material is outstanding. There is plenty to look at and plenty to be proud of. I have gotten 3 new patients in the last 3 weeks.The one factor of real importance is their ease in modifying the website when it needs to be. I would very much support and refer anyone to these people for website construction and their professionalism in putting together my site.

Dr. Jeffrey Weber, Ocean Chiropractic