Chiropractic Marketing Success Stories

We’ve been helping chiropractors with their web presence and online marketing since 2000, and we’d like to share some of our success stories. All of these doctors came to us because they needed more patients from their website, and we’ve been able to dramatically increase their site traffic and new patient intakes. Our VIP Marketing Plan provides real optimization of your chiropractic website, regular reporting, and tangible results (as you can see below). If you would like to get more out of your online marketing, click here to get your Free Chiropractic Marketing Analysis.

St. Louis, Missouri – Accident & Pain Relief of St. Louis

Dr. Holland runs an auto injury practice in St. Louis and wasn’t happy with his site’s placement in Google. Over the course of just seven months, we were able to boost his traffic by 141% and get him to #1 in the busy St. Louis market. For more details, see our complete analysis of results for Dr. Holland.

Nashville, Tennessee - Sweeney Chiropractic

We began working with Dr. Sweeney in March, 2014, but he’s already had a record month for July of 65 new patients! See the details of the work we did for Dr. Sweeney here.

Buffalo, New York – Buffalo Chiropractic Center

We began working with Dr. Palmer of Buffalo just a few months ago, but he’s already dominating the search rankings for his primary keywords and is now expanding to other surrounding cities! See our review of the work we've done for Dr. Palmer.

Noblesville, Indiana – Noblesville Family Chiropractic

Dr. Dahlager also needed help getting his site ranking up. We started his chiropractic marketing campaign in October, 2013, and we took him from #50 in Google to #1 – and he’s been there ever since. See more information about our chiropractic marketing campaign for Dr. Dahlager here.