Chiropractic Content MarketingContent truly is the key to a successful chiropractic website (or any website, really), and here’s why:

Google can’t index your site properly without original content.

Google has “bots” that travel around the web, scooping up text and dumping it into its database. Google then processes all those petabytes of data, trying to understand what your site pages are about and how it relates to other pages online.

By providing quality, relevant, original content on your website, you make it easier for the Google search algorithm to:

  • Find your site pages
  • Index them
  • Analyze them
  • Show them to your patients

If you provide little content, you’re going to:

  • Make it more difficult for Google to index your site properly
  • Not show up in the search results
  • Make it difficult for your patients to find you
  • Have nothing for your site visitors, if they do manage to get to your site

The Challenge

You don’t want to make it hard for Google and you don’t want to make it hard for your patients, but the challenge with content marketing is that you, well, have to create content. Some chiropractors have the time and interest in creating a ton of articles, blog posts and videos for their site…but most don’t.

Perhaps you don’t like to write, or you’re just too busy. We understand. Writing, editing, and proofing content for your site takes a lot of time, and that’s tough to fit in while you’re running a busy practice. Don’t despair: you have a few choices.

First, you can hire us, through our VIP Chiropractic Marketing Service. As part of our service, we produce original articles and blog posts for your site, optimize them for the search engines, and share them through social media for you. Plus, we’ve been writing for chiropractors since 1993, so we know what we’re doing.

Second, you can hire freelancers. You can look for writers on Craigslist or Elance. This can work well, but then you have the extra work of optimizing and posting the content to your site. Also, writers from these sources may not know much about chiropractic, so be careful to hire quality writers, not the cheapest.

Only Original Content

Many chiropractors hear that they need content on their site, so they have their receptionist, “Add some content.” This usually involves searching the web, copying content, and then adding it to the site. This is only going to hurt you, because Google’s looking for original content. We’ve seen articles on a doctor’s site that’s also on 1,200 other sites. That’s not going to boost your credibility in Google’s eye and generic content isn’t going to impress your patients, either.

Learn more about our VIP Chiropractic Marketing Service or go back to The Complete Guide to Chiropractic Marketing.

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