Chiropractic SEO

Search engine optimization is simply the technique of getting your site ranked well on the search engines so that your potential patients can find you, and ChiroHosting is here to help you make the process easy.

SEO has changed tremendously over the last few years, but it still is an important part of your overall chiropractic marketing plan and every successful chiropractic website needs to consider search engine optimization.

Here’s how we help you with great Chiropractic SEO:

  1. Site Optimization: Your ChiroHosting site uses the latest design standards to make it easy for Google and Bing to index your site.
  2. Page Optimization: Each page on your ChiroHosting site gives you complete control of your meta and page tags. This allows you to optimize every page on your site for specific keywords and phrases.
  3. N8 SEO BOOST: Our proprietary N8 Site Builder includes a complete set of keywords, designed for long-tail chiropractic SEO, so when patients are looking for a health solution in your community, your site will appear right at the top of the search listings.
  4. Engaging Content: Google considers site duration when calculating search-engine placement. That means it’s not enough to get people to your site — you also want to get them to stay, click, and engage. Our videos and articles are designed to deliver engaging, relevant information to encourage patients to explore, stay for longer, link to your site, and give you a call!
  5. Links: Every link you have to your website is a “vote” for your site in the search engines. But having a lot of links isn’t enough. They also need to come from reputable, trusted sources. We provide you with an immediate, reputable link by adding you to our Chiropractic Directory. That means you have positive SEO boost from day one.
  6. Social Media Integration: Our sites come with social media share buttons, making it easy for you and your patients to share links on Facebook, Twitter, and more. Let’s say a patient sees one of our engaging videos on a fascinating new chiropractic study. When they share that link on social media, that drives traffic to your site and gives an instant high-quality link to benefit your SEO.
  7. Up-to-Date SEO Techniques: Google is always modifying its algorithms for calculating search placement. We’re constantly studying the latest SEO techniques to make sure your site matches the most up-to-date SEO strategies.

You can also sign up for our Chiropractic Marketing Service for an even greater SEO boost.