Chiropractic Marketing: Traffic and Analytics

If you’re serious about your chiropractic marketing strategy, you’ll want to go to the next level and track what your patients are doing on your site. This is called analytics, and there are a number of great tools for this.

The point of analytics is you can really see what’s happening on your chiropractic website. With analytics, you can see:

  • Which pages on your site are the most popular
  • What the most common pathways patients take while on your site
  • How long patients spend on each page
  • The most common “exit pages” on your site, or the last page a patient visits before they leave
  • Conversion tracking. This is very powerful, as you can see which pages are more likely to get a patient to take some kind of action on your site, like requesting information through a web form

In short, analytics can tell you which pages on your site are working and which are not, and that’s very valuable information. We use a few different solutions for our clients:


StatCounter is a free service and is easy to integrate with your site. One of the benefits of Statcounter is that the reports are very easy to understand, you can track visitor pathways, and it gives you a ton of great data on the most common types of browsers and operating systems that your site visitors are using.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is the most popular statistics service, even though it can be difficult to use this for most doctors. Google Analytics is also free, and is good if you’re running AdWords campaigns and want to integrate your site with Webmaster Tools. The great thing about Google Analytics is you can track conversion rates. For instance, if you’re running PPC advertising, you can track which keywords were more likely to convert into signups. This type of tracking of your ROI is critical if running advertising, because you can hone in on what works and what doesn’t.

Our N8 Chiropractic Websites include free setup of any analytics software you wish to use. With our Chiropractic Marketing Service, we incorporate analytics with a variety of other SEO tools to give you a complete picture of your marketing strategy and results.