11 Fresh Expert Tips for Chiropractors to Make Your CHIROPRACTIC WEBSITE Not Only Stand Out, but Stand Above Your Local Competition!

January 09, 2017

As we enter into the New Year more people are looking for Chiropractors than any other time of the year. This would be an excellent time to make simple changes to make your website stand out in your local market! We’ve put together a list of some helpful tips to do just that!

1. Fresh, Professional Images & Videos

First impressions are key to converting website visitors into new patients and wowing your existing patients! You should choose BIG and BOLD images and headshots of you and your staff. They need to be high resolution and current photos. This would be an excellent time to tap your professional photographer friend for a favor or simply hire someone to capture the real you and photos of your practice. Consider using sites such as ThumbTack. They match customers with local professionals across a myriad of services for a fraction of working with a firm. For any of your other photos and videos, we have you covered with our results driven N8 Chiropractic Websites. We offer hundreds of high-resolution photos and comprehensive videos. You can schedule a 1-on-1  to discuss your options. 

2. Mobile Friendly and Responsive

You might be reading this on your phone or tablet right now. It’s fair to say about 50% of people will find you while searching on their mobile device. Your chiropractic website MUST be mobile friendly to garner their business. Today, you can’t risk losing a potential client to a competitor simply because they can’t navigate your site on mobile.

3. Client Testimonials

Be sure to both collect and share your client/patient testimonials. Online reviews carry far more weight than a simple referral. You can read more about the importance of online reviews in our previous blog posts:

You can easily collect positive online reviews and automatically display them on your website with our Online Review Building service.

4. Navigation/Menu

Sure, everyone likes to have options, but it’s not applicable in this case. Too many choices on a site where a potential patient already has an objective can lead to them deserting the site. Make it very simple to find what they are looking for. Consider keeping the items to one hand (aka: 5). You can use drop downs or fly out menus for sub items. Don't forget to use your footer for links such as Employment Opportunities.

5. Call to Action

Consider what is the main objective of your site. Is it to educate, garner more clients, make forms readily available, scheduling easier? Whatever it might be, ask yourself what needs to be center stage to satisfy that objective. You need to add a crystal clear call to action. Examples for Chiropractors could be Schedule an Appointment, Schedule a Free Consultation, See What’s New! Those might be the top level Calls to Action. The next level would be to help your visitors move through the site with ease. These calls to actions could be Learn More, Read More or Next.

6. Social Media Links

Hopefully, you have at least 1 social media account. At the very least you need to have Facebook, but it’s great to have more as different demographics of potential clients tend to gravitate to different social media. Obvious ones are Instagram, Google+ and Twitter. It’s ideal to have these in both the header and the footer. Keep your social media current! People expect your social accounts to be even more current than your actual website! Freshness is key!

7. Contact Information on All Pages

Of course, you will have this somewhere on your site. But, it’s important to have this on every page of your site. Don’t make your visitors find your contact information to do this. Even if it’s just in the footer of all pages, just make sure it’s present on each page.

8. Big, Simple and Colorful

No one likes to have to squint to view a site. Websites now tend to have larger text, more padding, white space, large images, etc. Just like if you have high ceilings the room seems bigger. So, if you increase the width of your site you make room for larger images. Hopefully the new professional images you have taken. Add padding to the images and text boxes. Now for color. Choose a color palette rather than deciding, “I like blue and green”. You can choose these for free at sites such as Coolors. You can generate professional color schemes in seconds!

9. About Us Pages

Make your About Us page interesting and compelling. This is your chance to introduce yourself, your practice, mission and your staff. Include professional head shots and/or professional photos that capture the “vibe” of your practice. Personality goes a long way to making potential and current clients feel engaged. If you hire a photographer via ThumbTack or another site they could do this for you as well.

10. Spell Check and Test

You are a highly respected professional! By all means, make sure that shines through. Do the housekeeping and make sure the spelling and grammar on your site are spot on. Also be sure to go to each page of your site. Click on all of the links, make sure all forms are getting submitted and you are receiving them. Clients looking for a professional service will expect the same from your site.

11. Simple Directions

You are literally running a hands-on business. If they can't get to your location it's difficult for them to become a client. The directions on your site need to be obvious. Use Google Maps for visual directions. Make certain it can open directly into Google Maps App and verbally bring them to you as well.

So, that’s it for our 11 Tips to make your website stand above your local competition! Should you need any help please feel free to reach out. We offer results based N8 Chiropractic Websites, Automated Chiropractic Social Media, Online Review Building, and Chiropractic Online Marketing Plans!

If you would like more information you can schedule a 1-on-1 call at a convenient time for you. We are not a pushy sales organization. We’d be happy to simply answer any questions you might have.

The ChiroHosting Team

TJ Delorie

TJ grew up with his mother's chiropractic office in the basement of their house. Back then, he used to love helping to develop film x-rays. Now, he has a master's degree in Film and Digital Technology and helps chiropractors all over the world develop their online marketing.

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