4 Ideas For Curating Social Content

July 09, 2020

Every day more content is created. Sometimes it might feel like we’re reaching a critical mass of content like we are drowning in content, but it’s still challenging to find anything share-worthy!

Have you ever gone down the rabbit hole of looking for something to share on social and then looked up to check the clock to find out that you’d been at it for over an hour? Or maybe you are always reading interesting articles and pieces, but you earmark them for sharing at a later date. 

Wherever you are on your social sharing game, we hope you will find some or all of these tips useful for your social content curation.

1. It's all about who you follow

One of the simplest ways to source social content is by following influencers, thought leaders, and other creative organizations in the space. If you follow people who have an A-game when it comes to their social media. You will not only benefit from the great content that they share which you can reshare, but you will also learn some other tips and tricks.

As a chiropractor, we recommend:

  • Following professional chiropractic organizations
  • Following other chiropractors who do a great job with social media
  • Following your alma matter

2. Patient sourced content

Another great way to get shareable content is to source it from your patients. You can do this a few ways:

  • Have your patients follow your social accounts. Then, you follow them back. You’ll see when they share interesting posts and you can repost them. Depending on the type of post and privacy settings of the account. 
  • You can also run a social campaign where you ask your patients to use a specific hashtag or to tag you in their posts related to their chiropractic journey to wellness.
  • Another idea is to ask your patient if you can take a picture or video during or after their appointment to share with your followers. (Be sure to complete a release form with your patient in which you agree upon how the media will be used.)

Whatever approach you choose, using patient content is a great way to easily generate content that will engage your patients! You also might get the added benefit of their followers seeing your practice in their feeds, which might lead to new patients.

3. Google Alerts

Using Google Alerts is a good way to passively monitor the web. You can set alerts for various keywords and phrases. Google makes it easy to schedule how you receive your alerts. You can schedule all of your alerts to be sent to you in a digest on a daily or weekly basis at a specific time of day. 

When you get your summary email, you can quickly skim all of the alerts to see if there are any interesting articles that you can reshare on social media. With minimal upfront setup, you can save a huge amount of time using Google Alerts.

4. RSS Feeds

Another great way to find share worthy content is to use an RSS feed. RSS stands for "Really Simple Syndication." These feeds allow access to different websites so that when new content is posted, they can grab it. 

This is helpful if you have a few sites or publications that you like following. You can use an RSS Feed tool to help you monitor these sites and when they post new content, you'll be notified. This way you don't have to keep going back and checking for fresh content.

Some RSS tools we recommend:


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