7 Ways For a Chiropractor to Use Facebook

July 09, 2020

Did you know that 69% of American adults use Facebook? That means that chances are that 7 out of every 10 patients of yours will be using the platform.

As a chiropractor, it’s a great opportunity to connect with your patients and other community members. If you’re not on Facebook, then it’s a missed opportunity. 

Facebook should be a complement to your website, not a replacement for it. Your practice website is the hub for your marketing and your social media accounts are nice additions. If you’re still unsure about the role that your website plays, then check out this blog post, Do I Need a Website for My Chiropractic Practice?

But today, we’re going to talk about Facebook. Here are 7 ideas for how use the platform to connect with your community.

1. Join professional groups

You can join a professional group with your practice page or your personal profile. Professional groups are a great way to stay in touch with what’s going on in your industry and to keep up on best practices.

2. Join local community groups

Joining community groups allows you to stay connected with your local community, which is important as a chiropractor because this is where your patients live. Some examples of community groups that you might want to join depending on your practice type:

  • Chamber of commerce
  • Rotary club
  • Neighborhood groups
  • Sports and fitness groups

You should also consider joining groups for things that you’re passionate about personally, but before you do, you should think about it from a business perspective. Is this something that you would feel comfortable joining with your business page or is it better suited to your personal profile?

3. Use the "Services" feature

The services section allows you to list what services your practice offers. This way if someone comes to your Facebook page, they can quickly see what you offer. Examples for chiropractic services you might want to include:

  • New patient consult
  • Established/returning patient consult
  • Follow-up visit

Here are the instructions for how to add services to your Facebook page.

4. Use the "Book Appointment" feature

If you’re using the Services feature, you can also utilize Facebook’s native Book Appointment feature on your business page. You’ll want to make sure you have at least one service selected, but ideally, you’d have a few for patients to select from. 

This is a great way to close business as people are thinking about your services. It shouldn’t be the only avenue for a patient to schedule an appointment with your chiropractic practice, but it should be one avenue.

Learn how to set up appointments on your Facebook page.

5. Set up Automated Responses

Facebook for Business has a great feature for Messenger. You might have come across an auto-reply before where you go to a Facebook page and you’re greeted with a message that pops up on your Messenger.

Using an autoresponder, lets you reach out to someone without having to actually reach out to them. It’s almost like using a secretary! You might be in an appointment with a patient, and your autoresponder can greet people on your Facebook page for you.

Here’s some more information on automated responses.

6. Use the newsletter signup feature

If you’re using MailChimp or GetResponse to help you manage your email marketing, then you will be able to integrate newsletter signup into your Facebook page. This is a great way to get more contacts on your mailing list. Maybe people who aren’t ready to sign up for a consult or book an appointment yet, but might be interested in the future.

7. Host events!

One last thing you can do to connect with your community on Facebook is to use Facebook to connect with them in person! You can use the Facebook Events feature to host an event and invite community members and patients to come to your practice or do a virtual event.

We hope you’ll be able to implement at least one of these seven ideas!


Jessie Wilkie

Jessie loves marketing. As a creative and analytical person, she loves exploring creative ways to help Chiropractors grow their practices. She has seven years of digital marketing experience along with her MBA from Cal Poly Slo and her Bachelor's from UC Santa Cruz.

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