8 Tips for Optimizing Landing Pages

September 02, 2020

Your landing pages are where the magic happens when it comes to conversion rates. They set the stage for a website visitor to give you their information via a form fill.

When I talk about landing pages, I’m referring to pages that are a bit different than your standard website pages. I would define a landing page as a page where a visitor is directed after they click on an ad, optimized search results, marketing promotion, marketing email, or other promotional content. This page has the sole purpose of capturing that user’s information in the hopes of eventually converting them to a patient.

Making sure these pages are done right is an important part of any online marketing strategy. If you aren't optimizing your landing pages, you're missing out on opportunities. Today, we're going to look at 8 tips that you can implement to improve your landing pages.

1. Be clear and straightforward

If someone fills out the form on your landing page, what will they get? Be upfront. No one likes to be misled. If you're offering a discounted rate for an initial visit, then spell out the exact discount. Ex: For a limited time only sign up to receive 50% off your first visit. Originally $59.99, now $29.99. 

2. Demonstrate the value

Why should someone provide their information on your landing page? What’s in it for them. Demonstrate the value that they will get in return for their information. If your landing pages aren't converting well, it could be because your offer isn't valuable enough, so you might want to review what you're offering and see if you need to sweeten it at all.

3. Try to keep it all above the fold

Keeping your landing page short and to the point will also help you keep it above the fold. The longer your landing page becomes, the less likely a visitor is to take action. Try to design your landing pages where there is no scrolling.

4. Write a good page title, heading tag, and meta description

Your page title, header tag, and meta description are useful for ranking better in search. Your page title should clearly describe what is on your landing page. If it's a new patient special then a page title like "New Patient Special" would suffice. Your heading tag should be similar to your page title, but maybe a bit more descriptive. Finally, your meta description should be kept to 160 characters or less. This is the description that is displayed in search results.

5. Make your landing page URL clear

Your landing page URL should be descriptive, but not long-winded. It should also reflect the context of your landing page. So in keeping with the example above, if you were offering a new patient special, then your URL could be: www.yourwebsite.com/new-patient-special. 

6. Color choice is key

You may think what does the color choice have to do with conversion rate? A lot! Here is a great article by Instapage about How to Pick the Perfect Landing Page Colors That Convert. Check out that article to dive deep on color.

7. Be wise with image choice

Using a visual is a good way to enhance your landing page and communicate an idea, but make sure you pick a good image. A good image will be high resolution, relevant to your offer, and one that fits in with your page well. Picking the wrong image can turn visitors away and decrease conversion rates. In fact, I'd argue it's better to have no image, rather than a poorly selected one.

8. Use structured data

Using structured data is a great way to organize content on your landing pages and make it easier for search engines to review it. Here is an article from the search giant Google about structured data. It's a good read, if you're looking to learn more.

We hope these 8 tips are helpful in optimizing your landing pages. If you aren’t currently using landing pages on your website, you should be. Feel free to reach out to us with any landing page optimization questions that you might have at support@chirohosting.com. We're always happy to help.

Jessie Wilkie

Jessie loves marketing. As a creative and analytical person, she loves exploring creative ways to help Chiropractors grow their practices. She has seven years of digital marketing experience along with her MBA from Cal Poly Slo and her Bachelor's from UC Santa Cruz.