Colors for Chiropractic Websites

When creating chiropractic websites, physicians ought to keep in mind what patients are looking for in a chiropractor. Patients are looking for someone professional, knowledgeable in the field, reliable, and friendly. The overall look of your chiropractic website should reflect these characteristics, especially because it will serve as the first impression of your practice to potential patients.

Perhaps one of the most noticeable parts of a website is the color scheme. The colors and layout will stay in the mental image of your site's visitors long after they have left their computer. Consequently, the colors of the site need to reflect what physicians want their patients to remember about them. Use colors that suggest professionalism and make the site easy to read. It will not help if the text is in a bright color like yellow or red that makes it difficult to read. Keep bright colors muted and relaxed, just like how patients should feel in the physician's able care. Neutral color schemes like blacks, whites, and grays can give a professional and educated look. Shades of blue and green have a calming effect and work well to give a splash of color to borders, headers or footers. Use similar dark winter shades, as brighter colors like yellows and oranges can create feelings of alarm and caution.

Patients should remember feeling like they are in good hands after viewing the chiropractic website and the color scheme is very important in creating that impression.


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