Chiropractors Who Are Crushing It On YouTube

October 15, 2020

In this blog post, we’re going to look at some chiropractors who are doing an amazing job with their YouTube channels.

Some chiropractors are doing an excellent job using the video platform and have amassed tens of thousands of subscribers and tens of millions of video views. We don’t have time to look at every chiropractor who is currently crushing it, but we thought it would be worth looking into a handful of these doctors to see what they have been doing with their channels.

Dr. Joe ‘BackCrack” Cipriano - 1.59M subscribers with over 300,000,000 views

Dr. Joe ‘BackCrack’ Cipriano’s YouTube channel is excellent. Here are 8 things he does well.

  • He posts 2-3 times per week
  • He stylizes his video images with an overlay on the video thumbnail. 
  • He makes his titles catchy and interesting to read for example: “Best *LOUD* Back CRACK Compilation *ASMR*
  • He’s got hip, custom branding.
  • He makes use of playlists grouping them in cohorts like Headache Relief Videos, HUGE Crack Videos, or Football. 
  • He makes use of the community and posts a few times a week. See his posts here.
  • He sells merch on the store. Check it out.
  • He keeps his videos between 5-20 minutes

Dr. Beau Hightower - 1.12M subscribers with over 300,000,000 views

Dr. Beau Hightower has got a solid brand. Much of his content revolves around athletes and fitness. Here are 7 things that I think Dr. Beau does a great job at:

  • He does adjustments on many famous athletes, which helps with keyword rankings and high search volumes as well as validating him as someone who serves the best. Check out his video with Evander Holyfield.
  • He posts about once a week.
  • His videos tend to hover between 15-30 minutes long.
  • He’s created a handful of playlists to organize his content into categories like “Strongmen Go To The Chiropractor” and “Fitness Models and Chiropractic.” You can view his playlists here.
  • He posts regularly in the community. You can read his posts here.
  • He uses the store to sell merch.
  • He uses interesting titles for his videos.

DrJason - 1.01M subscribers with over 300,000,000 views

Dr. Jason is yet another successful Chiropractic Youtuber. Here are 6 things he does exceptionally well.

  • He posts weekly.
  • He uses interesting and exciting titles for his videos.
  • He makes playlists. You can check them out here.
  • He keeps most of his videos between 10-20 minutes long.
  • He focuses on professions like hair stylists, body builders, models, and more. This will help him get found for people searching by profession.
  • He uses famous people. He even collaborated with Dr. Joe Cipriano to do a video of him adjusting his fellow famous chiropractor. You can watch it here.

So Cal Chiropractic - 149K subscribers with over 46,000,000 views

Dr. Ace Thayer is another YouTube star. He’s got a strong channel. Here are 5 things he does well:

  • He uses interesting titles for his videos.
  • He creates playlists. Check his playlists out here.
  • He stylizes his video thumbnails for the most part so you can see they all come from the same creator.
  • He largely keeps his videos under 10 minutes with some ranging between 10-20 minutes long. 
  • He posts once or more per week.

Kalkstein Chiropractic - 93.2K subscribers with over 26,000,000 views

Kalkstein Chiropractic is a family business that does an excellent job with their YouTube. They’ve been around for 60 years, but they’ve definitely evolved with the times. Here are 6 things that they excel at:

  • They keep most of their videos below 10 minutes in length.
  • They make use of playlists. Check them out here.
  • They use youtube to run contests. See an example here
  • They use interesting titles for their videos.
  • They stylize their video thumbnails with a logo and image overlay.
  • They post more than once per week.

Dr. Doug Willen - 61.4K subscribers with over 10,000,000 views

Dr. Doug Willen is the last YouTube star that we’re highlighting in this post. Here are 6 things he does well:

  • He posts once or more per week.
  • He uses interesting titles that sometimes include emojis.
  • He’s got a niche in animal chiropractic adjustments and he posts many animal videos like this one.
  • He uses the store with cute branding. Check out his House of Chiro merch.
  • He uses the community. See his posts here
  • He uses the playlists touching on popular topics like Animal Chiropractic and Y-Strap. Check out his playlists here.

In summary, all of these chiropractors share a few things in common:

  • They post frequently at least once a week.
  • They stylize their video thumbnails.
  • They keep their videos on the shorter side. It’s not often that they’ll exceed 30 minutes.
  • They use catchy, keyword loaded titles.
  • They utilize other YouTube features like Community, Store, and Playlists.

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