Content for Chiropractors to Share About COVID-19

January 01, 1970

During this time of international crisis, it's critical that we all contribute to help produce the best possible outcome. As a healthcare provider, you carry an even greater amount of responsibility. Given your professional status, it's important that you can relay reliable information to your patients and community.

List of Shareworthy and Trustworthy Content

Professionally and personally you will likely be challenged by this epidemic. We hope that we can help provide a small amount of assistance. We have curated content from health authorities like the World Health Organization and the United States' Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Please feel welcome to use this list of content to easily share social posts.

Even though you may be operating under a modified schedule or temporarily closed, you can still contribute to your patients' and community's well-being.

World Health Organization - Advice for the Public

You can find more information regarding the novel coronavirus at the World Health Organization's website.

VIDEO: Seven steps to prevent the spread of the virus

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