How to Reduce Your Chiropractic Website's Bounce Rate

December 16, 2019

Ok wonderful, you've taken our advice and have installed Google Analytics on your website! There aren't any more questions of, "I wonder how my website is performing? Is anyone clicking on it?" No, you can now view reports and stats and be all knowing in that area. Except there is one problem that you may notice - your bounce rate is really high... OK, so let's discuss it and try to correct it.

Bounce Rate is pretty straight forward - it is a single-page session on your website. Meaning a session (a visit or click) has resulted in one single request on your site. The visitor landed on your website by clicking on the link from Google (or whichever search engine) and then they left immediately - they did not click on any other page.

Does this really matter? Yes it does! For a chiropractic website we want the user to poke around and click on some internal site pages, you never know what may attract them into picking up that phone and dialing your office to schedule. Maybe your About Us page has a really compelling bio, or your Location Page is showing off all your 5 star reviews or something like them finding an article on 'Chiropractic and foot pain' and they now know that chiropractic isn't just for your neck & back it's for your feet too! We don't want a high bounce rate that's for sure - we want those conversions! Let's see how we can reduce it some.

1. Provide Excellent User Experience - Don't have a website that is a really bright color and hard to look at. We want calming, relaxing, nice colors. Don't have a video that auto starts (right when the website loads, that video plays - the user does NOT have to hit the play button), this is a big NO NO. You never know who may be sneakily using the internet at work - perhaps they mowed their lawn over the weekend, tweaked their back and are trying to find help, but your noisy website has totally deterred them.

2. Improve Site Speed - People don't wait around for any longer than a few seconds so we want our pages to load up quickly - not struggling to load up large images or download scripts.

3. Add Video - People love video - it is hard to get them to read now a days, but a nice short video will catch their attention.

4. Use Quality Images - Place nice, high quality images on your website - making sure they have been compressed properly so they don't bog down your sites page speed.

5. Write Useful Content - Have quality content for your new patients to read about. Talk about all your services and how you can help them with their chronic pain.

6. Show Off Your Reviews & Awards - People love to hear what others are saying and there are a few ways you can have a review stream on your site pages that just keep scrolling. Otherwise when they visit your location page they'll notice your map showing off your reviews there. You can also add your 'Patient Choice Winner' badges to your site, this is also good.

**Please check your location page with ChiroHosting to make sure the map is showing off your reviews - if it is not, please contact us so we can edit that for you!

A nice and simple website page layout can translate a lot of important information to your future site visitors / patients. You don't need a bunch of pop-ups, or chat windows or call to action buttons everywhere - reduce the clutter and your website will be easier to read. Remember guys, the website is not for you - it is for the public, always keep that in mind.

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Jessie Wilkie

Jessie loves marketing. As a creative and analytical person, she loves exploring creative ways to help Chiropractors grow their practices. She has seven years of digital marketing experience along with her MBA from Cal Poly Slo and her Bachelor's from UC Santa Cruz.

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