Marketing Reading for July 1, 2019

July 02, 2019

The world of online marketing is in constant flux, and we're always reading and learning about the latest news and techniques to help our clients get better search ranking and conversions on their chiropractic sites.

Here's what we're reading this week!


How to Leverage Offline Events for Link Building

While we don't offer link building services, I talk to my marketing clients about the importance of backlinks and how to leverage their real-world professional affiliations, etc for an SEO benefit.

Should We Be Paying for Google My Business Features?

Google recently sent a survey to business owners that asked if they would pay for their Google My Business profile. This article discusses the issue and whether Google is heading in this direction.



How Entrepreneurs Can Start Benefiting From Social Media Batching

You can use this proven time management strategy to improve your marketing productivity and avoid the distractions of social media.



Benefits Of Blogging For Your Small Business

Regular blogging on your website is extremely beneficial as search engines love fresh, relevant, and unique content for users to read.

The 11 Golden Rules of Writing Content for Your Website

Understanding who you are writing for (your audience) is key when creating content on your website. Now, read this article to learn the other 10 rules.


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TJ Delorie

TJ grew up with his mother's chiropractic office in the basement of their house. Back then, he used to love helping to develop film x-rays. Now, he has a master's degree in Film and Digital Technology and helps chiropractors all over the world develop their online marketing.