Do You Need a Chiropractic Website Overhaul or Just Some Light Dusting?

May 15, 2017

Is it Time to Break Up with your Current Chiropractic Website...or at Least Get a Refreshed Look?

Maybe you and your current chiropractic website need to have a heart to heart.

You should have a tight relationship with your website. Even intimate. Your chiropractic website never’s up at all hours. At least it should be. If not, then you definitely need a new website STAT! In short, your website is an extension of you and your practice online. Make sure it’s working in your favor and sheds a positive light!

My Website is Up and Running...I Don’t Need to Worry About it

If you are thinking, ”I already have a website. I’ve had it for 3 years!” Chances are it’s outdated. Your website is not something you have built and then just forget about. It needs to be maintained with attention to detail, changing trends in SEO, design, and compliance. Without this maintenance, your website can actually end up hurting you rather than helping you.

Consider this Real Life Scenario

If a potential patient sees that Chiropractor #1 has a newer, fresher and easy to navigate website and Chiropractor #2 has a dated site with a clunky user experience who do you think the potential patient will choose to go to? Chiropractor #1 or Chiropractor #2?

8 Factors to Answer the Question, “Do I Need a New Website?”

1. My Website is Dated

Whether you need to get a completely new website or you need to do a little work or a lot you need to act now. An updated website should be a high priority. There are many ways you can go about this. It might be as simple as changing to a new theme and updating your content to reflect you and your practice as it is in the present time. As mentioned design, SEO and technology trends change rapidly. There are some very significant ones that have been put into place in 2017 alone. If you need assistance navigating what those changes are and what they mean to your website please don’t hesitate to schedule an informative 1-on-1 with us. We are happy to take a look at your website as it is today and discuss what it could/should be tomorrow. I do mean “tomorrow” because we actually can have a new website live for a practice in as little as 24 hours.

2. I’ve Changed My Branding

Maybe you have new signage, marketing materials or a logo. Maybe you’ve remodeled your office. Whatever the case may be the new branding must be reflected on your website as well. It does not instill trust in a new patient if your website doesn’t represent the look and feel of your practice when they arrive in person. Again, consistent branding instills trust.

3. My Chiropractic Website Takes Forever to Load

First, if you have flash on your website take it down now. It slows down your website, it doesn’t work on Apple devices and it’s annoying to end users. If you don’t have flash your site can still be slow. Your site needs to load quickly. If a potential patient has to wait for your site to load they are going to move on FAST to the next chiropractor. It also conveys an image of not having respect for people’s time. Clearly, this isn’t the image you want your practice to have. You want words like fast, effective and efficient to be synonymous with your website and the day to day operation of your practice. You may or may not have to scrap your current website to remedy this, but you will need to have the help of a skilled designer and/or front end developer. You can also simply use our N8 Chiropractic Websites. We will set you up personally.

4. My Chiropractic Website Doesn’t Work on Mobile

This is a big problem. It’s been found that over 50% of potential patients use their mobile device to find practitioners. This number continues to grow year after year. Consider this...if your current website isn’t responsive to the various screen sizes on all mobile devices you are losing 50% of your business! Those potential patients are surely now patients of your local competition. That is alarming and should be a huge motivator to act on this NOW!

5. My Patients Have Complained About My Website

It should go without saying that this is a red flag. You need to do something about this immediately. If they have voiced any issues with your website it’s your duty to fix it. You want your patients to know that their voice is heard. Perhaps things are difficult to navigate, your hours are incorrect, your site is slow. Regardless of how small or big the issues they need to be addressed. Once addressed the next time you see the patient at your office let them know you took care of it. It says, “We listen to you and care about your feedback!”

Hint: That’s a good time to ask them to submit an online review for you.

Hint: After you finish reading this blog ask a few patients today to take a look at your website and ask them what they do and don’t like about it.

6. I Don’t Show Up on Page #1 on Google

It’s a pretty good indicator that you are ranking poorly in Local Google Search. If your site is out of date it’s certainly not keeping up with Google’s latest algorithms. There are a tremendous amount of savvy tips, tricks, integrations, and workarounds that change on a very regular basis. It’s likely not something you are thinking about daily. If you don’t have time to become a digital marketer on the side of being a busy chiropractor it’s completely understandable. However, it’s not understandable if you don’t reach out for help. All of our N8 Chiropractic Websites have built in SEO capabilities. In short, they are built to perform well in search engines. Depending upon how stiff your competition is, the size of your local area, etc you might need to implement some additional strategy. Perhaps you add in a Chiropractic Online Review Builder, Automated Chiropractic Social Media, or a Chiropractic Marketing Plan or you brush up by reading some SEO related blogs and DIY. The fact is there are readily available ways to win in search on any budget! I promise.

We Don't Guarantee Placement

We can’t guarantee you will show up in the #1 spot. There are many factors at play. If another company guarantees top placement that is a red flag. Bottom line, we will always be honest and manage your expectations based on your locale, competition, etc. All you need to do is schedule a 1-on-1 with us to have an honest discussion.

7. I Feel Like My Practice is Getting Stagnant - I Need a Change!

If you are honest with the state of your practice at any given time you are likely doing better than a chiropractor who is content and stagnant. People love a fresh coat of paint. If you are willing to make subtle or even drastic changes when necessary you will convey an image of doing whatever it takes to put your best foot forward. If remodeling your office isn’t in the budget a new website certainly could be. An N8 Chiropractic Website works out to be only $1.64 per day!

8. I Don’t Have a Website

You MUST have a website. Please click here to take a look at some great options for your new N8 Chiropractic Website!

What’s Next?

If you aren’t sure if you need to scrap or enhance your current site a website audit would be a great idea! You can simply schedule a 1-on-1 with us. We will do an audit and offer you some ideas. We are not a pushy sales organization. We are happy to offer you our professional recommendations and even share some DIY tips to help you win in Local Search!

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