How Online Reviews Help Patients Find Your Chiropractic Practice

October 11, 2016

Stand out in the Crowd of Chiropractors Online

One reason online reviews are important is that they can help your chiropractic practice stand out on the results page when prospective patients search for you. Put another way, Search Engine Land says that “Good reviews on search engines like Google and review sites like Yelp can help attract more people to check out your business, as they often feature prominently in search results.”

Reviews Support Your SEO

This makes online reviews another form of search engine optimization (SEO) for your chiropractic practice as having positive reviews increases the likelihood that someone will see your office when searching one of the top sites.

Reviews Impact Local Ranking & Local Ranking Impacts Your Practice.

Along the same lines, Bruce Clay, Inc., a global internet marketing solutions company, also states that positive online reviews help place your business on Google Map. This can make your business jump out to prospective clients if they do a search of chiropractors in your specific town and state, or even if they search for “chiropractors near me.”

Online Reviews on PCs versus Mobile Devices

Another factor to consider when it comes to your online reviews is how people are accessing them. In the previously mentioned study conducted by BrightLocal, researchers found that 73% used a desktop or laptop to read reviews, 29% used a tablet, and 24% used a mobile app.

ChiroHosting Chiropractic Reputation Management helps happy patients leave 5 star online reviews to the websites that will help your practice the most. Remember: Make it easy for happy patients to leave reviews on every device.

This means that when you’re managing your reputation online, you need to do so in a way that allows each one of these users to access your reviews in which he or she is the most comfortable. You need to think about the sites that you’re using for your online reviews to ensure that they offer both your reviewers and review readers the ability to interact using the electronic device they use most.

Build Your Online Reviews

ChiroHosting's Chiropractic Reputation Management - Get more 5 star reviews from your happy patients Get more 5 star reviews & prevent negative reviews.

If you haven't already seen how our amazing service can help you manage your reputation and get more five star reviews, check out our Chiropractic Online Review Building.

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