The Top 5 Pages for a Chiropractor's Website

June 15, 2020

Maybe you’re getting ready to launch a new website, which is a very exciting time! It’s time to think about what pages to include on your website. When you’re first starting out, a simple rule of thumb is to keep it simple and focus on quality. Or maybe you already have a website that you're looking to refresh. Whatever your use case is, this blog post if for you!

In this blog post, we’re revisiting and building upon our old blog post, “Don’t Lose Clients Due to Poor Website Navigation - The Essential Checklist for Chiropractic Websites Awaits You!

We recommend these 5 pages as a must-have for your website. These pages will make up your menu and your site’s top navigation.

  1. Home
  2. About Us
  3. How We Help
  4. Location
  5. Contact Us


Your homepage is your welcome page for your website. Did you know that your homepage will typically get the most views out of all pages on your site? It’s important to make a good first impression here. So here are the pieces you should include on your homepage to make sure your visitors have a great experience:

  • Hero banner with headline text
  • Some introductory text
  • Link to an important call to action


Your About page is your chance to showcase what makes you special. We’ve actually written a few blog posts on this page in the past because it’s one of your most important pages for your brand. You can read those old posts here: 

Your About Us page should include:

  • Professional headshot of you and your team members if this applies to your practice
  • Your bio and story

How We Help

Why are patients looking for a chiropractor in the first place? Their reason is usually their need. Your How We Help page is a great way to position your services as a solution to a patient’s need. Here are some examples of patient needs and your solution:

Your Patient’s Need

Your Solution

Treating whiplash

Chiropractic treatment for whiplash

Decrease scoliosis pain

Chiropractic treatments to help decrease the pain associated with scoliosis

Fix knee after a sports injury

Chiropractic treatments for sports injuries

This page should include:

  • Description of services
  • How these services solve patient needs
  • A call to action


Your Location page is an important page to help you rank higher in local search. This is very important for your business since you don’t want to miss out on local search traffic. You'll want to include the following components on this page:

  • Name, Address, Phone (NAP)
  • Map
  • Hours

Pro-Tips: Keep your address format consistent throughout the web to help you rank better. Use Google Maps for your map.

Contact Us

Your Contact page is like your virtual secretary. It should be a place for people to get in touch with you. A form fill on your Contact page is like a secretary jotting down a note from a phone inquiry.

The items to include on your Contact Us page are:

  • Appointments and/or Contact Form
  • Hours

These five pages make up the bones of your new website. You can flesh it out later by adding a blog or other drill-down pages. We've created a workbook to help you build out the content for these core pages.

Jessie Wilkie

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