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January 16, 2023

Read This Next Line Carefully About Citation Websites!

Having your chiropractic business listed on citation sites is a core component of any good online marketing and SEO strategy. BUT, it's important to understand that you may not need to go through the following list of local citation websites and pay for every—or any— of the paid directory listings!

Finding the right mix of citation listings will vary from practice to practice based on location, competition, and more. You can certainly set up a 1-on-1 call with us to discuss what could be right for you. We're happy to simply offer you our professional suggestions.

What Are Citations?

Citations are mentions of your business name, address and phone number (NAP) in an online directory. Even if there is not a direct link to your website. These citations act as your unique business digital fingerprint. This makes it possible for search engines such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo to find you.

Why Do I Need Citations?

Citations become your online calling card. If Google, Bing, and Yahoo are finding you easily...that is because someone is looking for a chiropractor in your local area. It would be great if the practice they find is yours. In short, citations are a powerful way for you to attract more patients to your chiropractic practice.

What Do I Need to Keep in Mind When Setting up Citations?

  • Keep all of your Name/Address/Phone (NAP) listings consistent. 100% consistent. NAP Discrepancies are one of the top 2 reasons businesses suffer in their local search rankings.
  • Practices with more citations will usually rank higher than those with fewer citations. More exposure to more online eyes = more patients.
  • The more 5 star reviews you are able to generate on these listings the higher you will rank in local search.
  • Remember where you have listed your business and check back regularly to check reviews and to make sure things are up to date.
  • Algorithms (Google's especially) change constantly, making staying on top of SEO trends overwhelming for many. You can always touch base with us to ask questions about what you should do regarding citations and other components of an online marketing strategy that are critical to any chiropractor.

Top Local Citations for Chiropractors - 2019

Every few years our friends at BrightLocal put out a comprehensive list of the Top Local Citations specific to various business categories. The last one that came out was in 2014...the list of 2019 was released a few days ago! Please find that comprehensive list below coupled with a few notes on each site including whether or not it's free.

Domain Authority: 15 | USA | FREE is a free directory focused specifically on chiropractors and other natural health care providers.

Domain Authority: 73 | USA | Paid is a paid directory. A highlight is that it allows you a nice way to handle online scheduling. They pride themselves on helping doctors attract new patients and reduce no-shows.

Domain Authority: 58 | USA | Paid is a paid directory. You will need to claim your practice if it’s already listed or set up a new profile. Wellness boasts over 3 Million visitors per month looking for local health care providers.

Domain Authority: 38 | USA | Free is a free service considered The National Directory of Chiropractic. Simply go to their site and Update or Add your listing to the directory.

Domain Authority: 50 | USA | Paid is a paid service. They consider themselves “one platform for every site that matters”.

Domain Authority: 22 | USA | Paid is a paid directory. It is $39.95 per month to have your listing included.

Domain Authority: 11 | USA | Free is a free service. They pride themselves on offering an updated technology platform to help chiropractors be found online in their local areas.

Domain Authority: 12 | USA | Free is a free directory. It is very barebones, but it certainly can only help to have your practice listed for free.

Domain Authority: 14 | USA | Reciprocal will list your practice for a 1-time fee of $19.95. They call themselves, “a quality US portal entirely aimed at chiropractors”.

Domain Authority: 13| USA | Reciprocal is a “reciprocal” directory. The way in which you can get listed for “free” is by either adding a bit of code to your site. This provides them with backlinks. Or you can write them an article relevant to your area of expertise. This provides them with original content for their site. In short, you are helping them to increase their traffic and in theory, they are doing the same for you.

Domain Authority: 15 | USA | Paid is free for the basic service and then goes up to either $10 or $25 p/month. They consider themselves, “The Largest Chiropractic Directory” and encourage people to “search for the perfect chiropractor”.

Domain Authority: 12 | USA | Free is a free directory. Their aim is to, “provide a platform for business owners present and promote their services, and help people in the United States find, browse, review and recommend Chiropractors.” It is also run by a group of young people in New it’s nice that they are encouraging technology and entrepreneurship for younger generations.

Domain Authority: 14 | USA | Paid asks for a one-time $10 fee for a basic listing. This is a very basic and bare-bones directory based in Boulder, CO.

Domain Authority: 8 | USA | Free is a free directory. They have a nice interface and offer multiple categories and open text boxes to describe your practice in details.

Domain Authority: 6 | USA | Paid requests an annual fee of $19.97 to be listed. There is very little detail about the listings. However, the data you will be asked to enter is you company URL, title, description, location, and phone number for your listing.

What Chiropractic Citation Websites Are Right for My Practice?

As mentioned above, there is no reason you should pay to be on all of these directories. Due to your location, your local competition the size of your practice, specific practice focus, and many other factors different citations will be right for one practice and completely different for another.

What Should I Do Next?

We know you’re are busy and a lot of SEO strategy can be overwhelming and very time-consuming. Whether you don’t have the time or don’t know where to start this CAN get accomplished. Please set up a 1-on-1 to speak to us about your marketing goals. We can point you in the direction to DIY, or help you with building some or all of your citations. When you sign-up for one of our results-driven Chiropractic Online Marketing Plans, your dedicated account manager will help you identify, clean up, and establish important citations. It makes a tremendous difference to work directly with an SEO expert—at any level of our Chiropractic Online Marketing Plans. We are NOT a sales organization. We are happy to answer your questions and point you in the right direction to meet and exceed your goals in bringing in new chiropractic patients!

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