What Is Google BERT & Will It Affect Your Chiropractic Website?

November 04, 2019

Google Updates

What Is Google BERT & Will It Affect Your Chiropractic Website?

Google has recently announced a new update called BERT which will handle search queries - they are trying to understand searchers better than ever! Let's see what Google Bert means for your chiropractic local business & if there is any action to take.

First, Google receives billions of searches daily. Our curiosity is endless and Google is there for the answers. When we come to Google though, ready to type in our search we aren't always sure on how to formulate the words for that search. Maybe we can't think of just the right phrasing or how to spell one of the key words... Keyword searches can be difficult also because it is not a natural way of speaking or asking a question. It is Googles job to understand language (misspelled or not) and figure out what we are searching for so they can rank websites that provide results and a good user experience. Google is always improving their language understanding capabilities and the BERT update is a big leap forward.

What Is Google BERT?

Google BERT (Bidirectional Encoder Representations from Transformers) is essentially an algorithm to help them better understand natural language processing - the relationship between a computer and human language. Meaning Google can now rank results based on more complex and wordy search queries. The BERT model allows Google to process the full context of a key word by looking at the words that come before and after it, not just the words you typed in, one-by-one in order. This can only create a better user experience for all of us using Google right!

How Does This Affect My Chiropractic Website?

Well, content is king once again. If you want to rank for informational keywords then Blog on your chiropractic website - get specific and produce quality content for your readers & future patients to read. If your website is full of information containing the high volume search words then your site pages will rank, no matter how 'wordy' or 'complex' the search may be. Get writing so you can be found and increase those rankings! Too busy to write? Just ask us to help you with one of our online marketing plans.

Erica Chiella

Erica is an SEO expert and has been working at ChiroHosting since 2010. She is here to answer all your questions and guide you to making the most out of your chiropractic website.

Google Updates

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