What to Do with Your Video Testimonials

October 18, 2019

You just recorded a glowing patient testimonial video in your office. Now what do you do?

How to get the video on your website.

Video files tend to be pretty large. Large enough to slow down your website, which could cause Google to lower your rankings. If the file was uploaded directly to your site visitors wouldn't be able to watch the video either. They would have to download the video to watch it with video playing software. That's very inconvenient, especially on smartphones.

The solution is to upload the video to a 3rd party platform such as YouTube or Vimeo. Then you can embed the video on your website without slowing the site down much at all. Both services are free and effective, but there are some benefits to using YouTube that we'll cover below.

Why YouTube is the answer.

Google has owned YouTube since 2006, and like most things with Google they give preference to people who use their own services. If you upload your patient testimonials to YouTube, there is a pretty good chance they might show up in the search results for your business name or even the condition the patient was talking about. You just have to check a few boxes to make sure your video is SEO-friendly.

How does SEO work on YouTube?

Follow these basic rules, and it's hard to go wrong.

  • First, create a YouTube channel under your business name if you haven't already.
  • If you plan to shoot video with your phone, make sure to record the video in landscape mode! Vertical videos have large, unnecessary black margins :(
  • When you upload the video, add a great Title and Description. The text content is what Google will use to display your video in relevant search results.
    • The title should contain the name of the condition that was treated.
    • The description can flesh out the details of the treatment. Make sure to include your city, state in writing. It also helps to add a hyperlink to your website.

When the video has successfully uploaded, click the 'Share' button below the video, then the '<> Embed' button to get the code you need for your website. Place this code in the HTML of your website where you want the video, or email it to us if you need some help with that.

Feel free to Contact Us for more tips & tricks!

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TJ Delorie

TJ grew up with his mother's chiropractic office in the basement of their house. Back then, he used to love helping to develop film x-rays. Now, he has a master's degree in Film and Digital Technology and helps chiropractors all over the world develop their online marketing.

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