Title Tags and Your Search Ranking

January 29, 2019

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Title Tags and Your Search Ranking

While some areas of a successful chiropractic marketing plan take a lot of work, others are pretty simple to implement. Title tags are one of the easier things to fix, but one that we still see ignored by some doctors.

A Title tag is a line of code on your web page that doesn’t actually show up on your web page; that’s probably why it oftentimes gets ignored.

Here’s what a Title tag looks like in your website’s code:

<title>Spinal Decompression Therapy Nashville TN - Nashville, TN Chiropractor - Sweeney Chiropractic</title>

What do Title Tags Do?

Title tags serve two purposes:

  1. They tell your site visitors and Google what your page is about.
  2. Google uses them in the Google search results. (Usually. Sometimes Google will tweak these or create their own, but that’s not common.)

Title Tags for Can Help You Get Ranked

When getting Google to index and rank your website, you don’t want to make it work too hard to figure out what your page is about. When chiropractors are moving over to our N8 Chiropractic Website platform, we still see Title Tags like this:


That doesn’t tell your patients or Google anything about what they should expect to see on your web page, and it certainly won’t help you when (or if) your page shows up in the Google search results.

Here’s what those pages should look like with proper title tags:

Our Services - Jones Chiropractic Clinic - Springfield, IL
Contact Us - Jones Chiropractic Clinic - Springfield, IL
About Dr. Jones - Jones Chiropractic Clinic - Springfield, IL

With proper title tags, you're telling Google and your patients:

  1. What the page is about
  2. What kind of business you have
  3. What city your practice in

With any marketing, being subtle isn’t going to help. You need to specifically spell out what you do and how you can help patients improve their health. You need to tell Google and your patients what they can expect to find on a particular web page and then make sure that content matches the title tags. This makes it easier for Google to index your site correctly and it makes it easy for patients to find the information they’re looking for.

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