10 Chiropractic Blog Post Ideas

Blogging on your chiropractic website is the perfect way to add keyword-optimized text to your site that will help your search ranking. A good ChiroScore Marketing Ranking includes a healthy amount of original content.

If you’re having a little writer’s block about what to talk about on your chiropractic blog, here’s 10 ideas to get your creative juices flowing from our Content Director, Marissa Luck.

  1. Weekly Wellness Tips/ Weekly Health Tips: Every week, choose a simple step patients can take to prevent pain or improve their overall health, and explain why it helps.
  2. “How to __ .”People are always searching for how to do things on the Internet. Try these ideas: “How to kick your reliance on pain medication”, “How to relieve headaches naturally”, “How to explain chiropractic in an elevator.”
  3. Patients Frequently Asked Questions: Highlight ONE question or topic per a post. Is there something that patients always seem to ask? How do you respond?
  4. Your commentary on health news: Regularly follow health news and write your commentary from a chiropractic perspective. Check the health section of in your local newspaper and national/international news sites. Or try visiting health news sites like Dynamic Chiropractic, Medscape, Medpage Today, Health News, and Medical News Today. Don’t copy and paste sentences or paragraphs though because Google will see that as duplicate content and penalize your site’s search-ranking.
  5. Summarize findings from a recent scientific study. Highlight the findings first, then include a little about the researchers’ methodology followed by your commentary. Remember to not be overly technical; this writing is for your patients who might not be aware of all the terminology. To find a scientific article, search Google Scholar or Pubmed, or make alerts for a specific topics like “back pain” on Google Scholar and Google News. Sometimes websites like Medpage Today or WebMd will include links to their original sources as well.
  6. “Take home” message of the week. Describe a positive interaction or experience you had with a patient this week. Did one of your patients have a big break through moment? Or perhaps they asked you a question or said something that made you think. Why is it important for other people to know this? What can people learn from this question or experience?
  7. Weekly stretch or exercise. Describe a strength-training exercise or stretch, include pictures or a video if possible. Talk about why it’s beneficial.
  8. “Ask the Doctor” Emails: Include your response to a question a patient emailed you. Or you can tell readers that if they send you a question in an email, you’ll post the answer to your blog (without including their name or identifying characteristics of course).
  9. Demystifying chiropractic. Choose a common or foundational chiropractic term or concept, and explain it an approachable way. Explain why patients should care.
  10. Major events and holidays: Write posts inspired by major events and holidays that relate to wellness or chiropractic. When it’s around Veterans’ Day you can write about an experience you’ve had treating a veteran, and link to ChiroHosting’s video on chiropractic for veterans. Or when it’s the start of football season, talk about how athletes can prevent sports injuries and concussions. Around the holidays, write a holiday office update or make a holiday letter video.

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  1. Great article! Not only is blogging a great way to interact with our patients (and hopefully soon to be patients) but it can be implemented to educate those on Chiropractic Care. Hope to see some more tips from you in the future!
    – Dr. Jeff