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Chiropractic Marketing: how will Google Instant affect my chiropractic website?

Google just released an upgrade that radically changes the way people will use search engines- it’s called Google Instant. The upgrade brings up search results instantly while you’re typing a query into Google. If you haven’t tried it, I recommend opening another browser window (or tab) and doing a Google search for “chiropractic marketing ideas”. […]

Chiropractic Blogging

Blogs are one of the most frequented types of site on the Internet. It is one of the most versatile platforms for personal or business use. If the blog is so powerful and popular, why are chiropractors so hesitant to incorporate it into their practice? The benefits of using a blog to reach out to […]

Fire Your Consultant

There seem to be thousands self-proclaimed “chiropractic marketing consultants”. They charge hundreds, or even thousands, of dollars per month and provide little or no service. In fact, they may even be harming your practice. Here’s why you should fire them…