As A Chiropractor, Your Logo Matters

October 27, 2020

Logos seem like such a tiny detail, but they can be a powerful chiropractic branding tool if done right. Let’s look at ways logos can fall short and ways they can be done right.

Ways your chiropractic logo can fall short

Not having a logo at all

First and foremost, this is an easy one. One of the biggest shortcomings of a chiropractic logo is to not have a logo! This is a total missed opportunity since having a logo can lead to many benefits, which we’ll discuss later on in this post.

Having inconsistent logos

Another failure when it comes to chiropractic logo usage is using inconsistent logos across different channels and collateral. Maybe you created a logo 10 years ago that is used on your  business cards, but you have a new logo used on your website. 

We recommend standardizing the look and feel of your logo when you design or refresh it. We advise in having a few versions of your logo for a dark background vs a light background and then having a horizontal and vertical version to fit into different spaces. So this would be four versions of your logo that are consistent with look and feel, but vary slightly based on color and positioning. 

If you already had a logo before this, you’ll want to go back to every place you used your old logo(s) and replace them with the new ones to maintain consistency.

Not using your logo regularly

I can’t tell you how many chiropractic websites I see that don’t use a logo where the Facebook page does or vice versa. You should be using your logo regularly on each channel or piece of collateral that is appropriate for a logo. This will reinforce brand recognition across every avenue where a patient or potential patient might interact with your brand.

Ways your chiropractic logo can excel

Making a great first impression

If you’re going to do something, do it well. A well-designed logo will help make a great first impression for your chiropractic practice. Studies have shown that people make a judgment on your brand within a few seconds, so having a polished logo will help reflect favorably on your brand in the eyes of the beholder. 

If the logo is sharp looking and professional, then people are going to make those associations with your practice. But on the other hand if the logo is sloppy or cheap looking, then those negative associations will be made.

With that said, you’re a chiropractor, not a designer! Design is a hard trade. We recommend working with a designer to help you design or redesign your logo, if your budget allows for it.

Even if you’re operating on a small budget, there are many options available to you today to help you get quality design work at a low cost. I’m sharing a few of them here to help you in your design process.

  • 99designs - you put your project and pricing out there and get submissions from designers
  • DesignHill - is a similar structure to 99designs
  • TailorBrands - has a free logo maker for those who have a more keen eye for design

Reinforcing your brand

A well thought out and designed logo used strategically across all of your collateral, is an excellent way to reinforce your brand. If you’re running ads in your local paper, use your logo. If you’re creating social media accounts, use your logo. If you’re printing business cards, use your logo. Using your logo everywhere you can will reinforce your brand across multiple channels and mediums.

Encouraging brand loyalty

If you can provide solid service and have a good logo to boot, then your patients are going to start to associate your logo with a good experience. This will lead to brand loyalty. Your logo will become their favorite chiropractor’s logo.

Differentiating you from your competitors

Last but not least. Your logo can help to set you apart from the competition. Your logo is a chance to get creative and tell your story. You’ll want to make sure you do it in a tasteful way. So work closely with your designer to come up with a logo that is uniquely yours.