Avoiding Chiropractic Marketing Scams

May 30, 2018

I first started working with chiropractors in 1993, and my company has been building chiropractic websites since 2000. I’ve always believed that the key to longevity in business is to be honest and do quality work. If you do that, success will follow. It's the same attitude you have as a chiropractor: help patients improve their health, and you'll get referrals from happy patients.

Unfortunately, some people don’t have that attitude.

Google announced this week they are filing suit against a number of large “SEO” companies that have been misleading clients by claiming that they are associated with Google and that they have an ability to manipulate the search rankings for their clients.

As a chiropractor, you’ve probably received calls from someone claiming to be from Google or trying to scare you regarding your search ranking. Many of these telemarketers are scammers who don't do real SEO work. Let’s go over a few things here to help you avoid being scammed.

First, Google won’t call you on the phone out of the blue to warn you about your search rankings. Ever. If someone calls and claims to be from Google, ask them to remove you from their call list and hang up.

Second, ignore anyone who claims that they have a special relationship with Google that allows them to manipulate the search rankings on your behalf. No one has that ability. It’s a scam.

Third, if someone tells you they can guarantee ranking in Google, they’re lying to you. We’ve been doing this work for nearly twenty years, and we know that you can’t guarantee ranking. Google looks at hundreds of ranking factors when deciding how to rank your website, and many of these are out of your control.

Real SEO Services

People lie about SEO because they want to make money without doing actual work. Getting your website to a higher position in Google and driving more traffic to your practice takes time and hard work. Effective chiropractic marketing includes the following:

If this sounds daunting, we understand. You didn’t become a chiropractor to learn about web technologies and marketing; you want to spend your time helping patients!

If you’re looking to improve your chiropractic website ranking and get more patients, we can help. Give us a call today at (800) 295-3346 for details about the work we can do for you.