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Mike Melton

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6 Common Chiropractic Website Mistakes

For most new patients, your chiropractic website is going to be the first thing that they see of your practice, and we all know how important first impressions are. You simply have to have a website that conveys professionalism and your expertise...

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How to Avoid Google Search Penalties

Because a good Google presence is so critical to your office's chiropractic marketing, it's important to keep Google happy. That means doing the right things to help Google index your site properly, but it also means not breaking the rules.

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Is Your Site Ready for the Future of Google Search?

If your chiropractic website isn't optimized for mobile devices, now is the time to fix this, as Google is aggressively moving to "mobile-first" indexing of sites.

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Don't forget Bing!

We've written a lot about the keys to marketing your office online, and most of our focus has been on Google. Since Google accounts for 90% of web traffic to your site, it makes sense that you need good ranking in Google My Business so that...

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