Basic Needs for Your Chiropractic Website

June 14, 2012

Websites are a basic necessity of any business today. It is one of the primary sources of information people look to for answers. This is especially relevant when chiropractic is involved. For people to take your practice seriously, you need to be professional, easy to access, be knowledgeable about your field and provide clear, factual data.

The aforementioned requirements should give the patients a good picture of who they are trusting with their physical health. Hence, it is important to provide all the information they need to understand who you are and how you can help them. The following is a list of topics you need to include on your site in order to provide a professional approach.


Before your patients will trust you wholeheartedly, they want to get to know you first. It is important to let them know all about you. Your credentials, education and work experience all play a part in letting the client see if you are qualified to take care of them properly. You may also list personal information for a more intimate approach that can earn your clients trust.


Your patients need to know where to find you. Providing a map to your clinic is very important if you want to maintain local clients. If they know where to find you, you can expect more people to come. With Internet connectivity available in more places than ever, they can quickly pull up a map and find you in a click of a button.


The personal touch of having videos with your presence on it, can add a sense of security to your patients. Being able to show them your work experience will let them know how you work and whether or not you can handle their problems. Endorsements from satisfied patients can also help influence a potential client’s impression of you.

Pictures of your staff

Chances are, you do not run your practice alone. Giving your patients a face to recognize can go a long way in promoting yourself. This is applicable to your staff as well. Let them show their faces in order to gain the patients trust as well. Giving a face to the titles, helps to provide credibility and ability. If your colleagues are visible, your business will have an added effect of transparency and integrity.

All these points are essential in letting your patients know who you are and what you can accomplish. They will be at ease when they get to know more about you. This can lead to an increase in patients who sign up and a more comfortable atmosphere when they finally go to you for consultation. Being easy to find, friendly in demeanor and high quality in service, are what patients regularly consider when their physical wellbeing is on the line.